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Other Lab Bands

In addition to the One, Two and Three O'Clock Bands, there are six other large jazz ensembles that are directed by teaching fellows. Each band includes five saxes, five trumpets, five trombones, guitar, piano, bass, drums and percussion players.

Jazz Singers

The University of North Texas Jazz Singers is the premier vocal jazz ensemble within the Division of Jazz Studies in the College of Music. Under the direction of Jennifer Barnes, Jazz Singers consists of twelve to fifteen vocalists and a four-piece rhythm section who perform a challenging and varied repertoire of jazz and jazz-influenced music, emphasizing close vocal harmonies, cutting-edge repertoire and improvisation.

Jazz Repertory Ensemble

The Jazz Repertory Ensemble is a learning and performing group dedicated to the collection, study, preservation, and recreation of classic music from the entire history of jazz. With over 500 compositions in its library, ranging from small combo charts to big band works, the ensemble exposes students and audiences to the rich tradition and inspiring work of many legendary performers and writers.

Jazz Guitar Labs

Coordinated by professor Fred Hamilton, these guitar ensembles provide guitarists with the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform in a section of five or more guitars. This helps students focus on reading skills, ensemble blend, group articulations, utilization of electric effects, comping and soloing.


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