Spring 2023 Recitals Open Now

*See the Recital Application Process announcement below, before submitting your recital. 

Non-Degree Recitals must be completed by March 31.
Degree Recitals must be completed by April 28.

Recital Application Process

The Recital Application form has now been transferred into ScheduleFM. Before submitting your recital request, you mush have verbal approval from your committee members, to ensure their availability. All recital committee members and the major professor must be entered into the request form in order to proceed. Recitals submitted without this information will be denied. 
Additional information required for recital requests include the degree type, corresponding class, instrument and recording options. All recital requests must include this information or they will be denied.

Recording Fees

Effective August 12, 2022 Recording Services now provides the following options. Payment for any extra services are due within 1 week of invoicing. Invoices will be processed upon committee approval.

Senior, MM, GAC, DMA Recitals:

  • Single Camera Recording+:  No charge 
  • Livestream or Multicamera* Recording: $75 
  • Livestream and Multicam* Recording: $150 

Junior, Non-Degree, and Guest Artist Recitals:

  • Single Camera Recording+: $75  
  • Livestream or Multicamera* Recording: $125 
  • Livestream and Multicam* Recording: $200  

Faculty recitals: 

  • Single Camera Recording+ & Livestream: No charge 
  • Multicamera* Recording: $75

+ Single Camera Recording includes a single camera, audio and video 
* Multicamera recording is only available in Lab West and Voertman Hall
- Livestream only will not be saved or archived