Scheduling Exception Request Form

If students need to request a recital date outside standard recital dates/times or get approval for an off-campus recital, or if faculty needs to book a concert or other event outside normal approved times, you can submit a Scheduling Exception Request through the link to the left. Emails will automatically be sent to the appropriate department for approval, and you (and this office) will receive notification of the final decision. Requests for exceptions should be submitted and approved BEFORE making a scheduling request; if we don’t have an approval notification for an exception, your schedule request will be denied, and you can resubmit after approval has been received.

Recital Cancellation Fees

Remember there is a $75 Cancellation Fee for all recitals cancelled/postponed within six weeks of the original recital date. This fee may be appealed if the cancellation is for reasons beyond your control using the Scheduling Policy Exception Request Form. Changes will not be made until this fee has been paid in full.

Recital Scheduling:

When scheduling your Recital, please remember:

  • Non-Degree Recitals must conclude by March 31 (Spring) or October 31 (Fall)
  • All other Recitals must conclude by the last Friday before Jury Week.
  • Recitals should be booked, all Recording Services upgrades paid, and programs submitted no less than three weeks in advance.

Scheduling for Summer/Fall Student Recitals is now open!

Please read the Recital Guidelines and make sure you are fully prepared BEFORE submitting a recital request to make sure you are following all relevant policies. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive each day, we will not hold requests that do not adhere to policy; such requests will be deleted, and you will need to resubmit.

We will begin approvals for Summer Recitals as they are submitted, and Fall Recitals on May 13. Please do not email this office for updates; you will receive email confirmation once your request has been approved.