Admission/Application Questions:

  • When can I apply?
    Prior to applying to the College of Music, all applicants must apply to UNT. The UNT application opens either July 1 or August 1 (depending on if you choose ApplyTexas.org or The Common App). The music application opens September 1 each year for the following academic year admission consideration.
  • Do you have to be admitted to UNT prior to applying to the College of Music?
    No! You do not have to be admitted to UNT prior to applying to the College of Music. However, you must first apply to UNT and wait until you receive your Student ID# before you can submit the music application.
  • Where do I find my UNT Student ID#?
    The UNT Student ID# is processed by the UNT Admissions office three to five business days after submission of and payment for the general admissions application. If it has been more than five days since you applied, please contact the UNT Admissions office directly.
  • Do you offer spring admission?
    Our faculty review studio space and ensemble needs in mid-September of each year to determine if spring applications will be accepted. Please email collegeofmusic@unt.edu in September to inquire about your specific area.
  • Do I have to audition to be a music major?
    Yes, anyone interested in pursuing a music major at the undergraduate level must pass an audition on one of the areas we teach. The only exceptions are applicants to the electronics concentration and critical studies program, who will instead submit a portfolio.
  • Can I audition on more than one instrument?
    Undergraduate applicants are given the opportunity to audition for up to two areas. You will select your primary area and the program in the application system and then list the secondary area within the application itself.
  • Is it possible to audition for more than one degree/major?
    Yes! Undergraduate applicants can select their primary major and a secondary major (if applicable) within the music application.
  • Is it possible to double major?
    Yes, it is possible to double-major both within and outside of the College of Music. However, it can be very difficult/time-consuming. We encourage you to speak with an advisor about your interests for additional details.
  • Are recommendation letters required?
    Yes, all applicants must submit the email address of the three people whom they wish to submit recommendations on their behalf through the music application.
  • Are live auditions required?
    We strongly encourage live auditions/interviews for all applicants, as the auditions consider applicants for both admission and music awards. Depending on your area, the faculty may approve a virtual audition/interview for those unable to audition live and who submit a video audition through the music application.
  • Are transcripts required?
    Yes, transcripts are required from all applicants and should be sent directly to UNT Admissions (not the College of Music).
  • How many times can I apply/audition?
    Applicants are permitted two audition attempts only at that specific level (undergraduate, second bachelor’s, graduate) for admission consideration. Only one audition attempt can occur per admission cycle.
  • When will I learn my admission decision?
    Applicants are notified of their admision decision in mid-March each year through Acceptd messaging.
  • When are letters of recommendation due?
    For applicants who requested a live audition/interview, we request completed recommendations one week prior to your requested day. For academic-specific degree applicants, recommendations should be completed prior to January 15th.
  • What is a screening?
    Screenings are the preliminary audition videos required for certain areas. They are submitted along with your application, and determine whether you will be invited to an in-person audition. The repertoire for screenings can be found under the respective listing in the undegraduate and graduate audition requirements page.
  • Where can I find information about English Language Proficiency (ELP) for international applicants?
    All applicants must meet the UNT ELP requirements for admission consideration.

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