Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award

The Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award is presented annually to a student entering their senior year who has shown extraordinary musical and academic accomplishments. The Presser award is considered the most prestigious undergraduate award in music at UNT and is provided by the Presser Foundation that awards annual scholarships, grants and funds for the furthering of music education and music in America.

The winner is nominated by UNT College of Music faculty and selected by the College of Music Council of Division Chairs. The scholarship has been awarded annually for more than six decades.

About the Presser Foundation

The Presser Foundation was established in 1939 under the Deeds of Trust and Will of the late Theodore Presser. It is one of the few private foundations in the United States dedicated solely to music education and music philanthropy. It is their hope that every institution, organization and individual funded by The Presser Foundation will read about the rich history of The Foundation and the inspiring biography of Theodore Presser.


UNT College of Music Presser Undergraduate Scholars

Before 1951:
               *Mary Nan Hudgins (Mailman), piano
               Robert Jenkins, percussion
               Mary Jane Sullivan, clarinet
               Anita Harvey, harp
               * Barton Cantrell, clarinet
               Lou Ann Hardy, violin

1951-52: * Jack Roberts, piano
               Nancy Wright, soprano

1952-53: * Dale Peters, organ/theory
               Carolyn Kaps, viola

1953-54: Grace Grainger, alto
                Susan Houser, soprano

1954-55: Bennie Middaugh, baritone
                Emily High (Hartnett), MUED, piano

1955-56: Leon Nedbalek, MUCP, theory, trumpet
               Merriam Godfrey (Paul), oboe

1956-57: Anita Anderson (Wright), MUED, violin
               Stanley Potter, piano

1957-58: John Matejowsky, trumpet
               Wilna Buckingham, piano

1958-59: Jerry Voorhees, MUED, bassoon
               W. Sherwood Dudley, trumpet

1959-60: Sylvia Brummett, MUED, violin and horn
               Kristin Webb, flute

1960-61: Carl Moehlman, organ
               Pat Dougherty, soprano

1961-62: Nancy Hartman, soprano
               Graham Clarke, organ

1962-63: Cecilia Knox, piano
                Cary Lewis, piano

1963-64: Carol Ann Reglin, flute
                James Rivers, piano

1964-65: Margaret Mitchell, organ
                James Stanford, violin

1965-66: * David Breeden, clarinet
               Lurline Speer, MUED, organ

1966-67: Janet Remine, violin
                Kathleen Keithly, alto

1967-68: Roxanna Hoover, violin
               June Nickerson, violin

1968-69: Marilyn Rietz, cello
               W. Lane Allen, violin

1969-70: David Eugene Philly, piano
                Ann Rebecca Thurmond, violin

1970-71: John R. Hall, cello
               Ann Rebecca Thurmond, violin

1971-72: Judy Jonson, piano
               Barbara Molinare, violin

1972-73: Harriet Wiles, mezzo-soprano
               Steve Paxton, MUCP, bass

1973-74: Marc A. Johnson, double bass & electric bass
               Maryann Mickle, harp

1974-75: Martha Whitmore, soprano
               Douglas Gibb, trumpet

1975-76: Terry Hawkins, MUED, soprano
               Michael Daugherty, MUED, jazz keyboard

1976-77: Barbara Zickler Hall, MUED, clarinet
               Peter Nelson, MUED, horn

1977-78: Elisabeth Adkins (Newman), violin
                Timothy Vaughn, MUED, baritone

1978-79: Diane Petty, piano

1979-80: Deborah Ragsdale, flute

1980-81: Ms. Lee Seibert, bassoon

1981-82: Mitch Maxwell, cello

1982-83: Barbara Ingraham, horn

1983-84: John Korak, MUED, trumpet

1984-85: Jennifer Allen, oboe

1985-86: Cynthia Thompson, MUED, trumpet

1986-87: Laura Finnell, MUED, bassoon

1987-88: David Matthews, oboe

1988-89: James Quentin Bell, viola

1989-90: Clare Adkins (Cason), violin

1990-91: Kimberly Cole (Luevano), clarinet

1991-92: Mark Hunt, horn

1992-93: Kimberly Stephenson, MUED, clarinet

1993-94: Marcus Lynn Roberts, MUED, euphonium

1994-95: Alexandra Adkins (Wenig), violin

1995-96: Rosana Calderon (Eckert), horn

1996-97: Madeline Adkins, violin

1997-98: Michael Schneider, piano

1998-99: Candis Threlkeld (Bradshaw), oboe

1999-00: Jessie Hinkle, mezzo-soprano

2000-01: Sara Sheffield, mezzo-soprano

2001-02: Elliot Figg, MUCP, harpsichord

2002-03: Shawna Hamilton, cello

2003-04: Andreas Berg, jazz guitar

2004-05: Daniel Stipe, organ & piano

2005-06: Renata van der Vyver, viola

2006-07: Mark Scott, MUCP, trombone

2007-08: Yennifer Correia, violin

2008-09: María José Romero Ramos, violin

2009-10: Samuel Reid, MUED/MUJS, saxophone

2010-11: Ashley Mendeke, flute and MUED

2011-12: Charlene (Charley) Gilstrap, flute

2012-13: Sarah Tran, flute/MUED

2013-14: Alyssa Narum, mezzo-soprano

2014-15: Danielle Cordray, harp

2015-16: Brendon Wilkins, MUED/jazz (flute/saxophone)

2016-17: Gregory Santa Croce, jazz piano and organ

2017-18: Maggie Ng, oboe

2018-19: Ruth Mertens, harp**

2018-19: Samuel Miyashita, music theory/composition**

2019-2020: Landon Chang, saxophone

2020-2021: Amrutha Murthy, music education/flute performance

**Change in Presser Foundation dating resulted in Mertens being designated 2018-19 scholar in spring 2018, and Miyashita being designated 2018-19 scholar in spring 2019.