Faculty and Staff

Our faculty of outstanding and internationally recognized performers, composers, scholars and researchers is dedicated to providing our diverse student body with a rich musical environment and an excellent education through private lessons, large and small ensembles, and highly interactive classes.

Our more than 150 faculty members include winners of the Grammy Award, the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and soloists with world-renowned opera companies and symphony orchestras.


Gideon F. Alorwoyie

Professor of Percussion
Director of the African Percussion Ensemble

José M. Aponte

Principal Lecturer of Drum Set and Latin Percussion
Director of the Afro-Cuban Ensemble
Director of the Brazilian Ensemble
Director of the Latin Jazz Lab Band

Stephen F. Austin

Professor of Voice
Coordinator - Texas Center for Performing Arts Health

Tony Baker

Professor of Trombone

Ellen Bakulina

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Joseph Banowetz

Professor of Piano

Ania Bard-Schwarz

Adjunct Instructor of Violin

David Bard-Schwarz

Professor of Music Theory

Jennifer Barnes

Professor of Vocal Jazz
Director of Vocal Jazz Studies
Director of Jazz Singers

Steve Barnes

Adjunct Professor of Jazz Percussion

Alan Baylock

Associate Professor
Director of the One O'Clock Lab Band
Coordinator of Lab Bands

Brad Beckman

Coordinator of Piano Pedagogy and Group Piano
Principal Lecturer in Piano Performance

Brad Bennight

Lecturer of Harpsichord

Rodney Booth

Principal Lecturer of Jazz Trumpet

Jeff Bradetich

Regents Professor of Double Bass

Benjamin Brand

Professor of Music History
Chair of the Division of History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology
Interim Coordinator of Music History

Kirsten Broberg

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of Composition

Daniel Bubeck

Adjunct Instructor of Voice

Julia Bushkova

Professor of Violin

Elizabeth Chappell

Assistant Professor
String Music Education

Kris Chesky

Co-Director - Texas Center for Performing Arts Health

David Childs

Professor of Euphonium
Co-Director of the UNT Brass Band

Andrew Chung

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Mary Karen Clardy

Regents Professor of Flute

Colleen B. Clark

Adjunct Instructor of Jazz

Fabiana Claure

Director of Music Business and Entrepreneurship
Assistant Professor
Keyboard Studies

Susannah Cleveland

Head, Music Library

Daryl Coad

Principal Lecturer in Clarinet

Michael Conrady

Adjunct Instructor of Sacred Music

Daniel Cook

Lecturer in Wind Studies
Director of Athletic Bands
Conductor of Wind Ensemble

Justin Cooper

Instrument Technician for Brass

William J. Coppola

Assistant Professor of Music Education

Eugene Corporon

Director of Wind Studies
Regents Professor of Music
Conductor of the Wind Symphony

Clay Couturiaux

Assistant Director of Orchestral Studies
Conductor of the Concert Orchestra
Principal Lecturer in Orchestral Conducting

Richard Croft

Distinguished Research Professor of Voice

Jorge Cruz

Visiting Lecturer of Bassoon

Diego Cubero

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Michael James Davis

Adjunct Instructor, Saxophone

Quincy Davis

Assistant Professor of Jazz Percussion

Dawn De Rycke

Adjunct Professor
Music History

Christopher Deane

Professor of Percussion
Director of UNT Percussion Players Ensemble

Richard DeRosa

Professor of Jazz Composition and Arranging
Faculty Development Leave Fall 2020

Philip Dizack

Assistant Professor of Jazz Trumpet - Improvisation Emphasis

Lizeth Dominguez

Adjunct Instructor of Mariachi Águilas

Stephen Dubberly

Associate Professor

Susan Dubois

Coordinator of Strings
Regents Professor of Viola and Chamber Music

Jonathan Eaton

Professor of Music
Margot and Bill Winspear Chair in Opera Studies

Rosana Eckert

Principal Lecturer of Vocal Jazz

Jesse Eschbach

Professor of Organ

Deborah Fabian

Principal Lecturer of Clarinet

Molly Fillmore

Professor of Voice
Chair of the Division of Vocal Studies

Nick Finzer

Assistant Professor of Jazz Trombone
Director of Three O'Clock Lab Band

Mark Ford

Coordinator of Percussion
Regents Professor of Percussion

Steven Friedson

University Distinguished Research Professor of Music and Anthropology

Vincent Gardner

Adjunct Instructor of Jazz

Ross Gasworth

Adjunct Instructor of Cello

Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden

Assistant Professor
Music History

Liudmila Georgievskaya

Adjunct Instructor of Piano

Daphne Gerling

Assistant Professor of Viola

Crystal Lynn Gerrard

Assistant Professor of Music Education (Instrumental)

Matthew Good

Adjunct Instructor of Tuba

Adam Gordon

Senior Lecturer of Trumpet and Baroque Trumpet

Benjamin Graf

Senior Lecturer of Music Theory

Joshua Habermann

Adjunct Professor of Choral Literature

Jaymee Haefner

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Harp

Steven Harlos

Chair of Keyboard Studies
Professor of Piano
Professor of Collaborative Piano

Megan Heber

Adjunct Instructor of Arts Management

David Heetderks

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Frank Heidlberger

Coordinator of Music Theory
Professor of Music Theory

Stockton Helbing

Adjunct Professor of Drumset

Warren Henry

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Music Education

Allen Hightower

Director of Choral Studies
Director of A Cappella Choir
Director of Vox Aquilae
Director of Grand Chorus

John Holt

Professor of Trumpet
Chair of Instrumental Studies

Sungji Hong

Lecturer, Composition

Caleb Hudson

Assistant Professor of Trumpet
Interim Director of the Center for Chamber Music Studies

Bernardo Illari

Associate Professor of Music History

David Itkin

Professor of Music

Timothy Jackson

Distinguished University Research Professor of Music Theory

Kathy Johnson

Woodwind and Brass Class Coordinator
Adjunct Instructor

Thomas Johnson

Assistant Professor of Guitar

Noel Johnston

Adjunct Professor - Jazz Guitar

William Joyner

Assistant Professor of Voice

Heejung Kang

Senior Lecturer of Piano

Eunice Keem

Adjunct Instructor of Violin

Brenda Keen

Adjunct Instructor of Music Education

Jamey Kelley

Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education

Johannes KIeinmann

Adjunct Instructor of Cello

Sarah M. Kienle

Adjunct Instructor of Viola Excerpts

Joseph Klein

Chair of the Division of Composition Studies
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Composition

Panayiotis Kokoras

Associate Professor of Composition
Director of the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia

Jennifer Lane

Professor of Voice

Justin Lavacek

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Brad Leali

Professor of Jazz Saxophone

Paul Leenhouts

Director of Early Music
Director of Baroque Orchestra

Philip Lewis

Professor of Violin

Blair Liikala

Director of Recording Services

Donald Little

Regents Professor of Tuba

Kimberly Cole Luevano

Coordinator of Woodwinds
Professor of Clarinet

Jeff MacMullen

Adjunct Instructor of Voice

Kristina Caswell MacMullen

Associate Professor of Choral Studies

Natalie Mannix

Associate Professor of Trombone

Craig Marshall

Program Manager for Jazz Lab Band
Adjunct Professor of Jazz Studies

Andrew May

Associate Professor of Compostion

William McGinney

Adjunct Professor

Mark McKnight

Adjunct Professor of Music History

Lauren McNeese

Adjunct Professor

Elizabeth McNutt

Director of Nova New Music Ensemble
Principal Lecturer - Flute

Dave Meder

Assistant Professor of Jazz Piano

Steven Menard

Associate Professor of Trombone

Paul Metzger

Adjunct Professor

Stacie Mickens

Associate Professor of Horn

Peter Mondelli

Associate Professor of Music History

Mark Montemayor

Associate Professor of Music Education - Fall 2020

Davy Mooney

Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies (Guitar)

Stephen Morscheck

Associate Professor of Vocal Studies

Jessica Nápoles

Interim Chair of the Division of Music Education
Associate Professor of Choral Music Education
Director of Concert Choir

Jon Nelson

Professor of Composition

Eric Nestler

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Saxophone

Arash Noori

Adjunct Professor of Lute, Theorbo & Baroque Guitar

Margaret Notley

Professor of Music History

Felix Olschofka

Associate Dean for Operations
Professor of Violin

Phillip O. Paglialonga

Associate Professor of Clarinet

Rob Parton

Associate Professor of Jazz Trumpet – Lead Trumpet Emphasis
Director of the Two O'Clock Lab Band
Chair of the Division of Jazz Studies

Jonathan "Capital" Patterson

Assistant Professor of Popular and Commercial Music

Pamela Mia Paul

Regents Professor of Piano

Poovalur Sriji

Adjunct Faculty, Performance

Sean Powell

Chair of the Division of Music Education
Associate Professor of Music Education
Faculty Development Leave Fall 2020

Marion Powers

Adjunct Jazz Voice

April L. Prince

Principal Lecturer in Music History

Elvia Puccinelli

Associate Professor of Collaborative Piano and Vocal Coaching

Greg Raden

Adjunct Professor

Catherine Ragland

Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology
Advisor - Mariachi Águilas de UNT

Elisa Ramon

Adjunct Instructor

Darhyl Ramsey

Adjunct Professor of Music Education

Gudrun Raschen

Lecturer of Double Bass

Helen Dewey Reikofski

Adjunct Professor
English Diction

Paul Rennick

Associate Professor of Percussion

Sandi Rennick

Adjunct Faculty - Percussion

John W. Richmond

Dean of the College of Music
Professor of Music Education

Cynthia Roberts

Principal Lecturer in Baroque Violin

Gillian Robertson

Senior Lecturer of Music Theory

Debbie Rohwer

Regents Professor of Music Education
Vice President for Planning and Chief of Staff

Gustavo Romero

Professor of Piano

David Rowland

Adjunct Professor of Music Education

Nikola Ružević

Coordinator of Chamber Music
Associate Professor of Cello

James Ryon

Professor of Oboe

Raquel Samayoa

Assistant Professor of Trumpet
Co-Director of the UNT Brass Band

Drew Schnurr

Assistant Professor in Composition and Media Arts

Hendrik Schulze

Associate Professor of Music History

James Scott

Dean Emeritus
Adjunct Professor of Flute

Lynn Seaton

Professor of Bass

Stephen Slottow

Professor of Music Theory

Ed Smith

Adjunct Professor of Vibraphone
Director of the Bwana Kumala Gamelan Ensemble

Jeffrey Snider

Associate Professor of Voice

David Stout

Professor of Composition Studies
Coordinator for Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA)

Terri Sundberg

Professor of Flute

Kevin Swaim

Adjunct Instructor of Jazz Arranging

Don Taylor

Coordinator of Music Education Ph.D. Studies
Associate Professor of Music Education

Jonathan Thompson

Adjunct Instructor of Oboe

Scott Tixier

Assistant Professor of Jazz Violin
Coordinator of Jazz Performance Fundamentals for Strings I & II
Director of Jazz String Lab

Andrew Trachsel

Chair of the Division of Conducting and Ensembles
Associate Professor of Wind Studies
Conductor of the Wind Orchestra

Chuck Tumlinson

Adjunct Instructor - Jazz

Willem van Schalkwyk

Opera Coach/Lecturer

Vladimir Viardo

Professor of Piano

Vivek Virani

Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology and Music Theory

Allen Whear

Baroque Cello / Viola Da Gamba
Adjunct Professor

Carol Wilson

Professor of Voice

Adam Wodnicki

Regents Professor of Piano

Laehyung Woo

Adjunct Faculty of Piano

Brian Wright

Assistant Professor of Music History

Natalie Young

Adjunct Instructor, Horn

Cyriel Aerts

Piano Technician

Michelle Aponte

Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Registration Manager

Cherése Bassett-Sowell

Sr. Director of Development

Jordan Batson

Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean for Operations

Maria Baylock

Senior Administrative Coordinator to the Dean of the College of Music

Ermir Bejo

Audio Reinforcement Specialist

Ben Bigby

Network Manager

Grant Carrington

Associate Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Heather Coffin

Administrative Coordinator for Wind Studies

Shaunté Collins

Undergraduate Academic Counselor

Colleen Conlon

Senior Graduate Academic Counselor

Diana Cooley

Administrative Coordinator for Conducting and Ensembles, Keyboard Studies and Vocal Studies

Justin Cooper

Instrument Technician for Brass

Laura Fuller

Concert and Event Scheduling

Brad Haefner

Information Specialist
Graphic Designer

Matt Hardman

Director of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

Christine Hill

Administrative Coordinator for Instrumental Studies

Julie Hohman

Technical Director

Sara Huffstetler

Development Support Coordinator

Scott Krejci

Computer Systems Manager

Camille Langlinais

Administrative Coordinator for Composition, Music Education, and Theory/History/Ethnomusicology

Blair Liikala

Director of Recording Services

Stephen Lucas

Lead Creative Programmer

Joseph Lyszczarz

Assistant Web Editor

Ann MacMillan

Instrument Repair for Woodwinds and Brass

Joel MacMillan

Instrument Technician for Strings

Emilita Marin

Assistant Dean for Business and Finance

Craig Marshall

Program Manager for Jazz Lab Band
Adjunct Professor of Jazz Studies

Austin Martinez

Audio Technician

Brian McKee

Academic Counselor for Graduate Studies

Derek Miller

Audio Technical Director

Alejandro Miranda

Piano Technician

Vickie Napier

Administrative Assistant for Budget and Purchasing

Carol Pollard

Director of Undergraduate Advising

Raymond Rowell

Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management and External Affairs

Linda Strube

Concert Programs

Lyndi Williams Krause

Assistant Director of Music Admissions and Scholarships

Christopher Walker

Administrative Coordinator for Jazz Studies

Ana White

Senior Academic Counselor -Undergraduate

Joel Wiley

Director of Admissions

Amy Woods

Budget Officer / Travel

Sebastian Zaberca

Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs