Academics and Ensembles

The University of North Texas College of Music is one of the finest comprehensive music schools in the nation. Top music students from around the world come to pursue their passion for music here, cultivating their skills in our many outstanding academic programs and performance opportunities.

Our Music Business and Entrepreneurship program reaches many of the nearly 1,600 music majors along with other majors of UNT’s 47,000 students.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The UNT College of Music offers a variety of degree options that allow you to transform your musical talent into a successful and rewarding career. Our graduates are consistently competitive at the highest levels of their chosen professions.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Programs:

Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Programs:

All undergraduates take core music classes that provide professional preparation in a broad base of music skills and knowledge. These courses of study include performance (applied music), music theory, music history, piano, music in world culture, large ensembles (including band, orchestra, jazz, choral and opera) and chamber music. Study in music beyond the music core include specialization in performance, music education, composition, jazz, advanced music history and ethnomusicology, advanced music theory, and early music.

Instruction in each area is designed to train students for public performance and teaching in schools or private studios, to prepare them for passing barrier examinations, to develop them culturally, to develop musicianship and technical proficiency, to strengthen sight-reading and the ability to assimilate music without guidance, and to prepare them for participation in church services, orchestras, ensemble groups or graduate work. Instruction is given in both group and individual settings.

Graduate Degree Programs

The College of Music offers to aspiring performers, composers, scholars and music educators a diversity of graduate programs in all aspects of the musical arts leading to the following degrees and certificates (for more information about Graduate Studies in the College of Music visit

Master of Arts (M.A.) Programs:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programs:

Master of Music (M.M.) Programs:

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) Programs:

Master of Music Education (M.M.Ed.) Programs:

Graduate Certificates:

It is the purpose of these programs to develop and nurture the artistry, creativity, scholarship and professional competence that will provide musical leadership and standards of excellence in the various areas of musical activity in our society: cultural, pedagogical and commercial. The variety of possible majors within these degree programs and the comprehensive program of instruction in all areas of the College of Music provide a richly textured musical environment in which the musical experience of the student will be broadened as the area of specialization is pursued.

Additional Information

We also offer specialized studies in:

Please note that we do not offer degree programs in music therapy, music business or recording technology. However, we offer a graduate related field in music entrepreneurship as well as various courses and experiential learning opportunities such as the Music Entrepreneurship Competition. More information can be found at

All UNT College of Music degree programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190; 703-437-0700, fax: 703-437-6312).