Becoming a Music Major

Please visit https://music.unt.edu/admissions for more information on how to apply and audition to become a music major.

International applicant information is available at https://music.unt.edu/admissions#international


Pre-Music (PMUS)

Can I attend UNT as a Pre-Music major?

No, Pre-Music (PMUS) is not a major program. Rather, the university uses the code “PMUS” as an admissions marker for students who plan on completing an audition to major in music before enrolling at UNT. If you are unable to successfully audition prior to enrolling, the Exploring Majors Advising Team may assist you in declaring a major.

Academic Advising

How do I change my major to Music? 

All students must apply to the College of Music prior to declaring a music major. Please visit the College of Music Admissions website for more information.

How do I change my major to something other than Music?

A list of campus advising offices is available online at https://vpaa.unt.edu/advising/advising-offices Start by reviewing the advising website for your intended major to learn more about how to declare a new major.

How do I declare a music minor?

Non-music majors hoping to minor in Music may ask their major advisor to add the general music minor to their degree plan. More information on declaring a minor in Music Business and Entrepreneurship or a minor in Commercial Music is available online. Music majors hoping to declare a minor in Music Theory may do so with their academic advisor after successfully completing Music Theory III.

Should I schedule an advising appointment or may I just drop-in for advising?

We welcome drop-ins and also have appointment availability. Current students may drop-in for academic advising in person in Chilton Hall room 211 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding campus holidays. Virtual drop-ins and Scheduled appointments are available via the Navigate app.

Can I get advised over the phone or email?

General questions may be answered over the phone or email. In some cases, an appointment may be required. Please email Music.Advising@unt.edu if you are unable to meet with an advisor during business hours.

Can I request a specific advisor?

You may request a specific advisor when scheduling an appointment via the Navigate app. However, this option is not available for Drop-in appointments.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

We encourage you to review the registration guide, your online degree audit, and the semester-by-semester plan for your degree(s). We also ask that you begin completing your Advising Record so that your advisor may review it during your appointment. The College of Music Advising Basics Canvas course details these resources.



Why do I have an Advising Hold?

New students will have an advising hold for the first few semesters at UNT to ensure you are familiar with advising resources and registration practices. Other reasons for an Advising Hold will appear in your MyUNT Tasks Icon.

What does it mean when I get the message, “No valid appointment time?”

You will receive this message if you attempt to enroll before your registration time has begun or if the registration system is closed for payment processing. Registration opens based on class standing. Please visit the term Registration Guide for more details.

How do I register for my private lessons?

Private lessons are a class that you will add to your schedule each semester. Performance students enroll in “MUAM” lessons while Concentration students (majoring in Composition, Jazz, Music Education, BA Music) enroll in “MUAC” lessons. Prior to passing the Upper Division Exam (UDE) Jury, students enroll in 1500-level lessons. After passing the UDE, students enroll in 3500-level lessons. Corresponding numbers for each instrument may be found in the university catalog.

How do I add secondary lessons?

You may request secondary lessons by contacting the Instrumental Studiesoffice for winds, strings, and percussion lessons. You may contact the Voice and Keyboard office to request voice, piano, organ, or harpsichord secondary lessons.

How do I enroll for an ensemble if auditions haven’t occurred, yet? 

You may enroll in the “holding section” until after auditions. Please refer to the Registration Guide for more information on holding sections.

What does the error message, “Maximum Term Unit Load Exceeded” mean? 

If you get this message, you have tried to register for more than the maximum number of credit hours allowed for the term. In the Spring or Fall terms, the maximum number of credit hours allowed is 19. An advisor may review your eligibility for an overload.

Can I enroll in a full class? 

While rare, advisors may be able to add you a full class with departmental and/or instructor approval if fire code will not be violated. We recommend that you waitlist a full class prior to asking for an exception to be added to a full class. Music advisors are not able to add you to full non-music courses.

How do I waitlist a class?

The waitlist feature allows students to place themselves on a wait list for a class section that is full. As seats open up in the class, the waitlist process will run to auto-enroll students according to their position number until the final day of the Add/Drop Registration period. If a class is accepting students onto the wait list, a yellow triangle will appear. Select the class, check the box to “Waitlist if class is full” option and continue enrolling. You will receive confirmation of your position on the waitlist once you have completed enrolling. You may monitor your position on the waitlist via MyUNT. Please note: Waitlisted courses are not counted towards your enrollment totals unless/until you are officially enrolled.

May I remain enrolled in my current section but waitlist a different section?

If you wish to remain enrolled in your current section until space becomes available in a closed section, you must enroll in the waitlisted section using the “SWAP” feature.

Why didn’t the waitlist feature enroll me once a seat opened?

The requirements to be moved off the waitlist are the same as standard enrollment. You will not be enrolled in more units than permitted in that term. You will not be enrolled if you have not met prerequisites, if you have registration holds, or if you are already enrolled in a different section of the same class and did not schedule the class using the Swap function.