Want to be a music major?

Please consult the College of Music website for detailed information about the various degree programs we offer, requirements for acceptance, applications and auditions information as well as information about the numerous performing organizations, department web-links, faculty bios, and more. UNT is home to highly acclaimed musicians, composers, and performing groups. If you are in the area, attend performances. 

How does an international student apply?

Visit the international music applicant page to learn about the process to apply to UNT and the College of Music. 

Must I audition?

All undergraduate music degrees require acceptance by audition and application. In addition, all graduate performance degrees (Master's and Doctoral) require an audition. For specific requirements for Master's and Doctoral degrees, refer to:http://music.unt.edu/admissions/graduate. Auditions are scheduled for on-campus and off-campus locations.

Who can help me?

Questions about admission, applications, or auditions: contact collegeofmusic@unt.edu

International students may contact Ms Jessie Niu, Academic Counselor, for assistance in complying with international and registration requirements. Email: jessie.niu@unt.edu   Office: Chilton Hall 211

How do I apply?


How do I audition?

Auditions are held on campus on designated dates early in the spring semester. Apply EARLY . Repertoire suggestions for auditions are provided on the COM website: music.unt.edu/admissions

How do I get accepted?

To pursue a degree in music, you must be accepted by the College of Music using the application and audition procedure described on the COM website. Acceptance by the University Admissions alone does not guarantee admission to a music degree program. A successful audition and written notification from the College of Music is required for acceptance to a degree program in music.

Auditioning for Jazz Studies?

In addition to applying to the College of Music using the process described at music.unt.edu/admissions, specific information regarding the jazz studies audition requirements at http://jazz.unt.edu/admission-auditions.

What should I expect after an audition?

Admission decisions will be sent via email following the final on-campus audition date. 

We offer three categories of applied lessons: MUAS (applied secondary study - elective and non-degree only), MUAC (applied concentration - required for all music degrees other than Performance) and MUAM (applied major - required for all degrees in Performance).

Scholarship notifications are sent during the month of April. 

Are there scholarships for international students?

Yes. All applicants are considered for music scholarships based on the music application and audition/portfolio. Scholarship decisions are made in April. 

What happens if I have not auditioned?

Students who have not passed the TOEFL sometimes apply for IELI (English language study) only, intending to audition after they are English-proficient. These students may receive undergraduate "conditional admission" from UNT Admissions. Acceptance into a music degree program IS NOT guaranteed. In this situation, though it may be possible to take several of the courses required for music degrees, it is NOT possible to take the degree-required lessons until one has been accepted into a specific degree program. Without the required lessons, the student can only partially satisfy the degree requirements. Therefore, electing to come to UNT prior to auditioning and receiving written acceptance is not advisable and will extend the time required to complete a degree. ( Acceptance to the University does NOT guarantee acceptance for a degree program in the College of Music .)

I'm in IELI. Can I take music lessons?

Some IELI students may receive special permission to study applied music (private instruction for university undergraduate credit). You must see Jessie Niu personally to request this permission. ( jessie.niu@unt.edu ). This permission must be requested prior to the start of a new semester.

Commonly used terms, definitions and web links:

COM: College of Music , University of North Texas: music.unt.edu

GPA: Grade Point Average, average of scores received on all courses previously taken

GPE: Graduate Placement Exams, taken at beginning of all graduate degree programs of study in the College of Music . Primary areas include music history, music theory.

GRE: Graduate Record Exam, entrance exam required for some graduate degrees, http://gre.org/ttindex.html.

HOUSING at UNT: http://housing.unt.edu/

IELI - Intensive English Language Institute, https://international.unt.edu/content/academic-english

ISP: International Studies and Programs, UNT: http://international.unt.edu

TSI: standardized entrance exam for undergraduate students, required at all Texas colleges and universities: reading, writing and math skills, http://learningcenter.unt.edu/TexasSuccessInitiative

TOEFL: standardized exam for English proficiency. UNT requires all students to prove English Language Proficiency

TUITION at UNThttp://studentaccounting.unt.edu/tuition-and-fees

TGS: Toulouse Graduate School at UNT, http://www.tgs.unt.edu .