Julie Hohman

Director, Murchison Performing Arts Center


Event Production, Facilities Management

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Murchison Performing Arts Ctr
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Julie Hohman is a UNT graduate with a BA in Media Production Arts (‘00) but technical production for live musical performances stole her attention and ultimately her heart. She has worked as a theater technician for more than 25 years and has been lighting musicals, plays, ballets and concerts around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for nearly as long. 

Julie joined the staff of the Murchison Performing Arts Center 2007 as Assistant Technical Director/Assistant to Recording Services. She later became the Lighting Technical Director, and she also serves as Opera Production Manager for UNT Opera. 

After many years in behind-the-scenes technical work, Julie's role recently expanded to serve the College of Music as the Director of the Murchison Performing Arts Center.