‘Billboard’ names UNT College of Music top music business school

UNT ENtrepreneurship competition - students presenting in front of competition judge panel

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- “Billboard Magazine” has released its list of the “15 Best Music Business Schools in 2017,” and the University of North Texas College of Music has earned a coveted spot.

“I am thrilled for the recognition," said Fabiana Claure, director of career development and entrepreneurship in music, who developed the program in 2016. “It is an honor to earn such a prestigious ranking in such a short amount of time.”

The magazine credits the expansion of the College of Music’s curriculum to focus more on entrepreneurship and music, offering internships, guest speakers – including biweekly music entrepreneurship departmental lectures, career advising and networking opportunities.

"I would be thrilled for our College of Music to receive such an impressive, national recognition under any circumstance. That Dr. Claure achieved this level of national notoriety so quickly is truly remarkable,” said Dean John Richmond. “We are all thrilled for her and for the future of this vitally important program.”

In April, Claure launched the inaugural UNT Music Entrepreneurship Competition and, based on its success, has developed the new Innovative Music Programming Competition. Students must submit a three-minute video featuring one minute of their proposed performance material, one minute explaining why it is innovative or unique and one minute explaining how they plan to market the event. The deadline for entry is Oct. 1. The winner will be selected on Oct. 18 by students who will vote either in person at a music entrepreneurship departmental event or they can view a livestream of the finalists’ presentations and vote by phone.

“The purpose of this competition is to make students envision innovative ways to create engaging music concerts,” Claure said. “It will be an incentive for students to think outside the box and visualize a musical program where they collaborate across music genres and even colleges, potentially working with theatre and film to ‘mix it up.’ It will nurture connections with other artists and teach them how to communicate and build an audience, in addition to being a performer.”

The winner will get to perform their proposed material at the Greater Denton Arts Council on Nov. 9 and will receive $250 to market the performance.

For more information on UNT’s career development and entrepreneurship in music program, visit http://career.music.unt.edu.