Schenkerian Journal Statement

The University of North Texas is committed to academic freedom and the responsibility that goes along with this freedom.  This dedication is consistent with, and not in opposition to, our commitment to diversity and inclusion and to the highest standards of scholarship and professional ethics.

The university has appointed a five-member multidisciplinary panel of University of North Texas faculty experienced in the editing and production of scholarly journals. The panel members, who are outside the College of Music, will examine objectively the processes followed in the conception and production of volume 12 of the Journal of Schenkerian Studies. The panel will seek to understand whether the standards of best practice in scholarly publication were observed, and will recommend strategies to improve editorial processes where warranted. Upon completion of its investigation, the panel will issue a report to UNT Provost Jennifer Cowley. The report will be made public.  

The Journal of Schenkerian Studies has made many contributions to the understanding of music theory. We will continue to offer music theorists the opportunity to share and defend diverse viewpoints under the most rigorous academic standards and ethics.