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Admission Deadlines


FALL ADMISSION – To be considered for admission in the fall semester, preference will be given to applications received by the first Monday in December. Applications received after that date will be reviewed, and auditions will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis depending on space availability. ALL APPLICATIONS AND AUDITIONS, BOTH LIVE OR RECORDED, MUST BE COMPLETE ON OR BEFORE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2018.

SPRING ADMISSION – Acceptance of spring applications is determined in mid-September of each year based on studio space and ensemble needs.  Email collegeofmusic@unt.edu to inquire if your instrument/voice will accept applications.  APPLICATIONS FOR SPRING ADMISSION MUST BE COMPLETE ON OR BEFORE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2017.

Graduate academic degree program applicants should email collegeofmusic@unt.edu to inquire about deadlines outside of the normal admissions cycle. 


UNT and the College of Music cannot be responsible for the timely arrival of materials to the appropriate office. All material submitted becomes the property of UNT. UNT application materials (degree certifications, diplomas, test scores, transcripts, etc.) DO NOT GO to the College of Music. Questions regarding general admission application materials should be sent to the following offices:

Undergraduate Transfer

For scholarship consideration, your audition must be completed by the last on-campus audition day. Announcement of awards will begin on the first Monday in April.