Marketing Guidelines

When you need creative, we provide the service!

Ranging from advertising, posters and specialty programs to social media graphics and photography for events, we provide the support for your unit that can meet any of your needs. All final work produced by College of Music Communications and Marketing is approved by UBSC and meets brand standards, so no need for further review.

Procedures & Standards

It's important that our many publics see cohesive messages using images and designs of the College of Music that also reflect the University crafted messaging. The College of Music follows the UNT Style Guide which follows the AP Style Guide.

College of Music design elements include:

  • Fewer words in design
  • Large photographic images
  • UNT student images only (no stock images are used of non-UNT students)
  • Bold colors in photographs
  • Current images and information

It is our desire to steer our audiences to so that they can see and experience the full scope of the College of Music.

UNT Lock-Ups & Division Branding

The College of Music official lock-ups (logos) MUST be filled with the official UNT green or ON the official UNT green.

Lock-ups (logos) cannot be altered in any way. This includes adding color or rearrangement of the graphic elements. There are exceptions to this UBSC rule but they are rare and generally only approved for an abbreviated period of time. Exceptions are requested and altered designs are submitted through the CoM marketing office. Please see links to approved lock-ups below:

Submissions & Deadlines


As well, ALL materials prepared must receive approval from University Brand Services and Communications (UBSC) prior to distribution. The Communications office will seek approvals for each project.


Because of the size of the CoM and to allow for work prioritization, project requests should be made no later than two weeks prior to their due date for sufficient editing, proofing and branding approval. Adhering to this time-frame is important.

Additional Resources

Technical Support

For any technical issues, please and they can assist you with any issues you experience involving university-owned computers or office technology.

Photography Archives

Currently we are in the process of developing a marketing photography archive through a third party. More information will be provided when we can effectively implement it.