Creative Services

When you need creative, we provide the service! Ranging from advertising, posters and specialty programs to social media graphics and photography for events, we provide the support for your department that can meet any of your needs. You can rest assured that all final work produced by College of Music Marketing has been approved by UBSC and meets brand standards, so no need for further review.

Graphic Design

We aspire to produce attention-getting designs that help communicate your information to the audience in the highest possible manner.

For all design projects, please use the ticketing system and be detailed in your description of what you are envisioning.

Elements to include:

  • format (flyer, poster, program, social media, etc.)
  • file size/dimensions
  • visuals if you have any available
  • text content
  • logos if applicable
  • deadline information

PLEASE NOTE: We require two weeks advance notice of deadline for all design projects. This policy may be extended at our discretion pending project parameters.


Photography available when you need to capture professional images to help tell your story. We encourage you to coordinate your photography requests through us. Please use the ticketing system for photography requests or photos we already on our server from previous events or shoots.

PLEASE NOTE: Only limited coverage of events is provided due to the size of the College of Music. Requests in advance can be arranged at our discretion. Freelance photographers are available in the area for other needs and we can help you with contact information.

RESCHEDULING/NO-SHOW: Out of respect for our photographer's time, email and/or send us a teams message if you have a scheduling conflict and are unable to make your scheduled appointment. We will do our best to reschedule another time if possible. If you fail to notify us that you will not be at your scheduled appointment and do not show, it will be several weeks to months before a new appointment will be available to you. We will not accept appointment requests from individuals or groups responsible for multiple no-show appointments.

Web Development

Expert website design and development of sites on and our sub-domains.

We have acquired an external firm to handle our website edits and updates going forward. To streamline their workload and coordinate their time efficiently, all requests should come through the ticketing system and we will build a collective list weekly to send to the firm for regular updates.

Specialty Projects

The nature of our work often finds us engaging with new techniques and technologies in support of student recruitment and marketing. We are always open to exploring new opportunities that might help the university reach its goals and objectives.

Social Media & QR Codes

A large base of our audience engages through our social media platforms and marketing. All requests for online marketing resources should also be sent through the ticketing system and include detailed tagging information that correlates to your specific audience. We will add branding tags to help promote the posts as well. QR codes can be created for unique links upon request. Please do not create your own QR codes. Send us the link and we will use one of our trusted software tools to develop high quality QR codes for marketing purposes.