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College of Music Scholarships

The College of Music awards competitive music merit scholarships based on talent and professional promise. The application for admission to the College of Music also serves as an application for music scholarships. At UNT, any competitive scholarship of $1,000 or more per academic year includes a waiver of out-of-state tuition. The recipient would receive half of the total award per long semester and be allowed to pay in-state tuition rates for one academic year, including summer sessions.

Music scholarship recipients and the amount of awards are determined by faculty committees established from within the appropriate division(s)/area(s). Scholarships are competitive and awarded on the basis of talent and professional promise. Program needs will be considered in scholarship awards and award renewal is subject to the availability of funding. Assuming all scholarship obligations are met each year, scholarships may be held for up to a total of four years for undergraduate study, two years for master’s level study, two years for the completion of a graduate artist certificate, or three years for doctoral study.

Students receiving performance scholarships are required to participate in appropriate performing ensembles each long semester, and must agree to accept assignment by the College of Music in no more than two performance laboratories and/or ensembles each semester. Students receiving non-performance scholarships are required to enroll in appropriate courses as determined by the division(s)/area(s). All scholarship recipients must enroll full-time and meet minimum grade point average requirements. Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in music courses, 2.5 overall. Graduate students must a minimum 3.5 GPA.

University of North Texas Scholarships and Financial Aid

Both merit and need based scholarships are also available through the University of North Texas.  Information regarding these scholarship sources can be found using the links below.

Undergraduate Students: http://essc.unt.edu/finaid/index.htm

Graduate Studies: http://tsgs.unt.edu/all_about_money.htm

Equity and Diversity: http://edo.unt.edu/content/student-scholarships

Award Opportunities

There are over 200 separate scholarship opportunities available to music students.  The college provides music scholarships to more than 400 students each year. With the exception of three awards, application materials beyond the admission application/renewal application are not required.