Jazz Singers release new CD

Jazz Singers - "A Thousand Nights" CD Cover

JAZZ SINGERS NEW CD DROPS: The UNT Jazz Singers newest recording, A Thousand Nights, is released to the public

"A Thousand Nights is the fourth album recorded by UNT Jazz Singers since I began teaching at UNT in Fall 2011, and I was aiming for it to showcase the diverse musical spectrum to which I strive to expose the students for their enjoyment and growth.  For the first time, we asked our guest artists-in-residence who came to UNT during the spring of 2017 and 2018  if they would be willing to be on our album, and we’re honored and delighted that all three of them said “Yes”!  The way that these beautiful artists gave of themselves both musically and personally during the time they were at UNT will leave an indelible mark on all of our lives, and we are confident that you too will feel the joy and passion of their music-making.  In addition to the three guest artist tracks, of course, there are eight others, and I’m most proud of the fact that over half of the music was arranged by our students!" – Jennifer Barnes