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For Ana Lemons, music is more than just a career—it's a calling. Growing up in a household where both parents were full-time musicians, including one who proudly holds the title of a College of Music Alumna, Ana's life was steeped in the understanding that music was woven into her very being. She can vividly recall her early experiences, like her father taking her at age 7 to witness the One O’Clock Lab Band rehearse or her mother bringing her along to UNT voice studio competitions and music conferences. The UNT College of Music has been a constant presence in Ana's life since childhood.

As her journey progressed into her college years, Ana became a student in the College of Music, specializing in music education and voice. While she cherished her time immersed in the College of Music, Ana came to recognize that her passion for music performance wasn't a career path, but rather an intrinsic passion. With over eight years of professional experience in higher education, Ana discovered her true calling: not as a professional musician herself, but as a staunch supporter of those who are.

In her role as the Director of Development for the College of Music, Ana's primary focus is on connecting with students, alumni, and friends of the College. Her mission is to understand their passions for philanthropy and how those passions align with enhancing the College of Music. Ana doesn't aim to "sell" anyone on donating; instead, she values active listening and comprehending each person's unique story and life passions. From this foundation of understanding, Ana collaborates with individuals to present impactful opportunities that directly fulfill their philanthropic aspirations and goals. For Ana, philanthropy is about the joy of giving, not an obligatory act.

If you hold a personal story intertwined with the UNT College of Music or have a deep passion for music and its creators, Ana is here to listen, whether for an in-person meeting or a virtual connection via Zoom.