GAMuT [Graduate Association of Musicologists und Theorists] is a graduate student organization dedicated to providing a forum for the presentation of original research by its members. In addition, GAMuT offers a forum for discussion of matters relevant to the academic lives of its members and serves as an organized liaison between students and faculty in the Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology. Each year, GAMuT publishes a journal Harmonia that features papers written by graduate students. Submit an article to be published in the latest issue.


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GAMuT Meeting
21 February 2014, 4:00, Room 321
Student Paper Presentations:
"Hybrid Forms in EDM/Top 40 Songs," Jeff Ensign
"Competing Cosmologies: Christian and Neoplatonic Representations in Early Triadic Theory," Ben Dobbs

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GAMuT: The Origin

Γ-Ut = Gamma ut = Gammut = {Gamut} → GAMuT

Gammut in 1707 Glossographia Anglicana by Thomas Blount (lexicographer):

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GAMuT Constitution (Click here to view)

GAMuT Officers 2013-14 (Elected by GAMuT members April 2013)

Ben Dobbs | President
Emily Hagen | Vice-President
Joseph Turner | Secretary
Jessica Stearns | Treasurer
Abigail Chaplin-Kyzer | Program Coordinator
Robert Anderson | Journal Editor of Harmonia
Cole Ritchie | Webmaster
Ann-Marie Quinones | Historian
Andrea Recek | Musicology Representative
Lance Russell | Theory Representative
Kate Jewett-Williams | Ethnomusicology Representative
Andrew Vagts | Incoming Student Representative

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GAMuT Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hendrik Schulze

GAMuT Membership
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Membership to GAMuT:
Masters and PhD students (2013-2014 school year): $20*
Masters and PhD students (semester): $10*
Undergraduates and PhD Candidates (ABD) (2013-2014 school year): $10*

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