College of Music Mailing Address

1155 Union Circle #311367
Denton, TX 76203-5017

College of Music Physical Address

415 Avenue C
Denton, TX 76201

College of Music Main Office
(940) 565-2791
RM: Mu 247

Box Office and Concert Information

(940) 369-7802

Undergraduate Music Applications, Scholarships and Auditions

Becky Hughes
(940) 369-7771
RM: Chilton 211-R

Joel Wiley
RM: Chilton 211-S

Graduate Music Applications, Scholarships, Assistanships and Auditions

Kelly Santa Maria
(940) 565-3721
RM: Chilton 211-Q

Undergraduate Advising

(Questions regarding specific degree requirements)

Judy Fischer
RM: Chilton 211-C
Specific focus: Jazz Studies, Music Education, Undecided Majors

Carol Pollard
RM: Chilton 211-F
Specific focus: Performance, Composition, Theory, History

Ana Martinez
RM: Chilton 211-E
Specific focus: Music Education, Degree Audits

Graduate Advising

Colleen Conlon
RM: Chilton 211-A

International Student Advising

Becky King
RM: Chilton 211-B

Composition, Music Education

Alyssa Hedenstrom
(940) 565-3730
RM: Mu 231

Music History, Theory & Ethnomusicology

Sebastian Zaberca
(940) 369-8724
RM: Mu 242

Conducting, Ensembles, Keyboard & Vocal Studies

Judy Schietroma
(940) 369-8709
RM: Mu 244

Instrumental Studies

Mary Law
(940) 565-4124
RM: Mu 131

Jazz Studies

Julie Bice
(940) 565-3743
RM: Mu 284

Wind Studies

Roseanna Haney
(940) 565-3737