Visiting Performer: NordesTrio -

Tuesday, March 8, 2022
8:00 pm
College of Music Building
Voertman Hall
NordesTrio – a play on the words Nordeste (Portuguese for Northeast) and Trio – is dedicated to the creation and performance of contemporary works for a very distinctive instrumentation: trumpet, horn, and piano. The trio consists of professors of the Arkansas State University, Dr. Nairam Simoes, Dr. Juli Buxbaum and Dr. Lauren Schack Clark. NordesTrio has collaborated with some of today’s most esteemed Brazilian composers to premiere and record new works featuring Brazilian genres from the Northeast that are little known to the public. The Nordeste of Brazil is a region with varied and abundant cultural riches that holds a multitude of art forms. Composers from that region have unified their forces in a movement called Brazilian Armorial Art that aims to create art forms rooted in the popular culture of the regional traditions of Northeastern Brazil. The music on NordesTrio’s first album, titled Braziliana, has its roots in this Armorial movement. The works include the more traditional flavor of pieces by Duda and Borges, the characteristically colorful writing by Santos and the modern and skilled composition by Moura. The members of NordesTrio seek to bring an equal dedication to all of their artistic endeavors, balancing their commitment to music education while maintaining busy performing careers around the world.

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This event is free and open to the public with general seating.