Center for Schenkerian Studies

Stephen Slottow

Associate Professor Stephen Slottow received a bachelor's degree from Cleveland State University, a master's from Queens College, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where he wrote a dissertation on pitch organization in the music of Carl Ruggles. He has taught at City College, Queens College, Temple University, and Hofstra University. A former professional fiddler and banjo player, his interests include American traditional music, the American ultramodernists, and Schenkerian analysis.

Justin Lavacek

Justin Lavacek received a bachelor’s in music theory from Loyola University New Orleans, a master’s in music theory pedagogy from the Peabody Conservatory, and a PhD in music theory from the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University. His dissertation formalizes an approach to Machaut’s counterpointing of borrowed tenors in the motets.  His primary research is in the counterpoint and meaning of “early music,” which he has presented at regional, national, and international conferences, and in two forthcoming articles.  In his spare time, Dr. Lavacek likes to realize figured bass.

Timothy Jackson

Timothy Jackson is a distinguished university research professor of theory with the music history, theory and ethnomusicology division and joined the faculty in fall 1998. Formerly an assistant professor of music at Connecticut College, Jackson received a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to College Teachers to complete his book on Tschaikovsky's "Symphony No. 6" for the Cambridge Handbook Series (1999).