Lab 2012

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University of North Texas
Steve Wiest, Director

Be That Way (8:35) Composed and Arranged by Tyler Mire
Kevin Hicks, trombone Spenser Liszt, baritone saxophone
Brian Ward, bass Greg Sadler, drums

Abby Song (11:38) Composed and Arranged by Jenny Kellogg
Justin Pierce, soprano saxophone Jordan Gheen, trumpet
Jenny Kellogg, trombone

Shiny Stockings (7:15) Composed and Arranged by Frank Foster
Miles Johnson, trumpet Sean Giddings, piano
Greg Sadler, drums

The Fifth Shade (8:48) Composed and Arranged by Steve Wiest
Sean Casey, bass trombone Sean Giddings, piano
William Flynn, guitar

The Sparrow Was Gone In An Instant (9:08)
Composed and Arranged by Aaron Hedenstrom
Jenny Kellogg, trombone Greg Sadler, drums, cajon, percussion

Fugue For Thought (7:28) Composed and Arranged by Richard DeRosa
Brian Ward, bass Jordan Gheen, electric trumpet

From Above (9:03) Composed and Arranged by Aaron Hedenstrom
Aaron Hedenstrom, tenor saxophone

3rd & 55th (5:45) Composed and Arranged by Neil Slater
Miles Johnson, fluegelhorn Aaron Hedenstrom, tenor saxophone
Tyler Mire, lead trumpet

Race to the Finish (5:41) Composed and Arranged by Drew Zaremba
Alex Fraile, alto saxophone Drew Zaremba, tenor saxophone
Greg Sadler, drums

University of North Texas
Steve Wiest, Director

Justin Pierce (Lead) Vidor, TX
Alex Fraile Miranda de Ebro, Spain
Aaron Hedenstrom St. Paul, MN
Drew Zaremba Brussels, Belgium
Spenser Liszt Richardson, TX

Tyler Mire (Lead) Lafayette, LA
Jake Boldman Murphy, TX
Miranda George Carrollton, TX
Jordan Gheen Fort Worth, TX
Miles Johnson Denton, TX

Kevin Hicks (Lead) Salt Lake City, UT
Jenny Kellogg Bellevue, WA
Julie Gray Aurora, IL
Jon Gauer (Bass) Billings, MT
Sean Casey (Bass) Lake Jackson, TX

Sean Giddings (Piano) Kansas City, MO
William Flynn (Guitar) Mitchell, SD
Brian Ward (Bass) Colorado Springs, CO
Greg Sadler (Drums) Westlake Village, CA

Craig Marshall, Manager