Spring 2021 Instructional Guide

The following questions and answers are intended to help faculty with their planning for the fall semester. The answers below are current as of 8/11/20 and will be updated as needed.






  • Will the classrooms be arranged to meet social distancing requirements?
    All classrooms have been marked for 6’ social distancing (blue tape) and 9’ social distancing (white tape).
  • How do we handle exiting and entering classes, particularly when there are back-to back classes?
    Each instructor should make plans for students to enter and exit the rooms in a manner that avoids congestion. This may include letting students out 10-minutes early, particularly in cases of back-to-back classes. The College has minimized back-to-back classes and, wherever possible, we have allowed for 15 – 60 minutes of empty space. Classroom spaces that have two access doors will have signs that identify the door for entering and the door for exiting. Some classes that are currently face-to-face may be moved to a remote format, which will free space to move other face-to-face classes into rooms that allow for at least 60 minutes of empty space.
  • What procedures do I follow for cleaning the classroom prior to and after class?
    Written procedures were sent to all faculty, staff, adjuncts and TA/TFs on August 7th. The procedures will be posted in each classroom. Each classroom is equipped with a spray bottle and paper towels to clean desktops and other surfaces. Custodial services will clean the classrooms deeply each evening and will replenish supplies as needed. If you arrive in your classroom and do not have cleaning supplies, contact Jordan Batson at (214) 500-5618. Or, your classroom computer should have a “Report a Problem” icon, which can be used to request more cleaning supplies.
  • Will I have an opportunity to evaluate my classroom before the semester begins to express concerns or needs?
    Yes. You may visit your classroom at any time. Any questions or concerns can be directed to your Division Chair, Felix Olschofka, or Warren Henry.


  • Will my applied studio be supplied with cleaning supplies or air filters?
    Yes. We have purchased 149 air purifiers with True HEPA H13 filters for faculty studios. True HEPA air purifiers capture up to 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA H13-H14 are within the highest tier of HEPA and are considered medical grade quality. All studios will be equipped with air purifiers and cleaning spray for surfaces and piano keys. Cleaning should be done prior to and after each lesson. Faculty are responsible for cleaning surfaces before and after each lesson. Faculty who teach instruments that produce condensation must have safety plans in place for disposing the condensation.
  • Are there specific procedures for collaborative pianists and rehearsals for applied lessons/recitals?
    Yes. There is a Collaborative Piano policy that has been developed and will be distributed. For your planning, any rehearsal with a pianist and teacher should be done in a large classroom space that allows for 6’-9’ social distancing. These rooms can be reserved through Roomview.
  • What if my current studio does not have enough space for safe social distancing?
    You should first notify your Division Chair, who will contact Felix Olschofka, the Associate Dean for Operations. We will try to find alternative spaces that would provide a safe teaching environment. If we cannot, the only alternative is to teach applied lessons in a remote or partially remote format. All studios have been measured, and all but one provides at least 9’ of social distancing.
  • Where do I teach my studio class and departmentals?
    This should be settled for all areas. Rooms and times have been assigned, and each faculty member should have plans in place to ensure safety through distancing, rotations, or partially remote instruction. See your Division Chair if you have any questions.
  • Is there a policy on how to space out scheduled lesson times?
    At this time there is not a firm policy. However, you should plan your lessons to allow at least 30 minutes between lessons whenever possible, particularly for voice and wind instruments.
  • Will we still have degree recitals?
    Yes. However, audiences are not allowed. The students’ committee members are allowed to attend the recital, safely distanced apart. Detailed directions will be posted in Roomview, and Laura Fuller will be sending directions directly to students when they book recital times.
  • Are students and accompanists required to wear masks on stage?
    Yes. The accompanist and performer (non-wind instruments) are required to wear a mask. Page turners are also expected to wear face masks. Wind instrument performers and singers must be safely distanced (9’), and there may not be more than six performers on the stage for any performance. Masks must be worn prior to and after the performance.
  • Are juries still scheduled?
    Yes. However, juries will now start on Thursday, November 19 and end on Wednesday morning, November 25. As a reminder, all instruction will be fully remote for everyone after Thanksgiving.
  • Can we use external pianists for recitals and juries?
    Yes. This has been approved by the university. All scheduling for recitals and juries should be done through Laura Fuller and Roomview.