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DFW Arts Agencies

Located in the vibrant arts community of Denton, Texas, with Dallas and Fort Worth less than an hour away, the University of North Texas is uniquely situated for experiencing and participating in the arts.  The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex grew by 23% from 2000 to 2010 to become the nation’s fourth most populous metropolitan area.  This thriving regional economy supports hundreds of cultural and entertainment organizations and thousands of events each year.

Basketball Band

The North Texas Basketball Band performs for thousands of spectators every spring semester. This group of students serves as ambassadors of spirit and tradition at all home and conference tournament games. In addition to their support of the UNT men’s and women’s basketball teams, the Basketball Band makes numerous appearances at various university functions. The group of 30 members is open to all students by competitive audition held each fall.


The opera training program at UNT began in 1944 under the leadership of Mary McCormic. It is one of the oldest programs of its kind in the western half of the U.S. It’s illustrious alumni include Patricia Racette, Emilly Pulley, Lauren McNeese, Michael Mayes, Scott Scully, Jesus Garcia, David Portillo to name a few. Alumni Page


Music Theory

The curriculum includes studies in analytical techniques covering the entire history of Western musical practice (including specialized methodologies such as Schenkerian studies and set theory approaches, as well as historically established methodologies); applied studies in contrapuntal composition; history of music theory with direct study of treatises; music theory pedagogy with on-site involvement in class instruction. Emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of and development of fluency in basic music skills (sight-singing, ear-training, realization of part music at the keyboard).

Music History

The area’s emphasis on scholarship and publication facilitates active engagement in broader conversations within the discipline, an engagement that enhances its profile beyond UNT while enriching its service to the university. The interface between research, performance, and teaching finds an immediate expression in the graduate programs supported by the area. This interface remains evident through an array of courses in music history aimed at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students from throughout the College of Music and across campus.


This is an important and worthy area of study that too often has been neglected. The study of non-Western music offers students a deeper understanding of not only other peoples, but also the possibility of gaining new insights into their own culture. A broader understanding of music cultures offers to majors in all fields of study a greater appreciation for the diversity and creativity of humankind.


Private instruction from a dedicated teaching faculty thoroughly prepares graduates for careers as orchestral and band instrumentalists, chamber musicians and teachers; UNT alumni are members of major symphony orchestras, top military bands, major motion picture and television studios, and also serve as teachers in elementary, secondary and university positions throughout the United States and abroad.


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