Jazz Chamber Music Ensembles: Philip Dizack, coordinator -

Monday, November 22, 2021
8:00 pm
College of Music Building
Lab West MU282
Monday Oct. 4th
Silverleaf Combo: Directed by Philip Dizack
Tyler Thomas: Voice
Daniel Henson: Saxophone
Pete Clagett: Trumpet
Jack Courtright: Trombone
Jess Meador: Strings
Will Peters- Seymour: Guitar
Ethan Nguyen: Piano
August Bish: Bass
Austin Crawford: Drums

Monday Oct. 11th

Flying Tomato: Directed by Rodney Booth
Voice: Lindsay Day
Baritone Saxophone: Jack Lanhardt
Trumpet: Chris Van Leeuwen
Trombone: Luke Stilwell
Strings: Jacob Cortez
Guitar: Alex Hand
Piano: Nick Messick
Bass: Will Tober
Drums: James Merritt

Monday Oct. 18th
Paschall Combo: Directed by Lynn Seaton
Voice: Savannah Koenig
Alto Saxophone: Ian Weidmann
Trumpet: David Vest
Trombone: Joseph Garza
Guitar: Gabriel Garcia
Piano: Jacob Nalangan
Bass: Anthony Casolari
Drums: Isaac Lavigne

Monday Oct. 25th
Abbey Combo: Directed by Paul Metzger
Voice: Katelyn Robinson
Tenor Saxophone: Gabriel Nieves
Trumpet: Seth Blitstein
Trombone: Isaac Gong
Tenor Saxophone: Anthony Bolden
Guitar: Aidan Cotner
Vibraphone: Thomas Reilly
Bass: Michell Solkov
Drums: Joey Craig

Monday Nov. 1st
Greenhouse Combo: Directed by Jose Aponte
Voice: Whitney James
Voice: Dakota Anderson
Tenor Saxophone: Andrew Larsen
Trumpet: Craig Schroeder
Trombone: Nicholas Mailes
Guitar: Ryan Peterson
Piano: Josh Cossette
Bass: Guillermo Lopez
Drums: Aramis Fernandez

Monday Nov. 8th

Uncommon Ground Combo: Directed by Philip Diazck
Voice: Abigail Litjens
Alto Saxophone: Carly Stock
Tenor Saxophone: Anthony Singer
Trumpet: Garrett De Rudder
Trombone: Jack Timmins
Guitar: Mario Wellmann Navarrete
Piano: Angus Alphonse
Bass: Paul Briggs
Drums: Conor Larkin
J&J's Combo: Directed by Brad Leali
Voice: Nan Wang
Voice: Tori Gilchrist
Alto Saxophone: Chase Scelsi
Alto Saxophone: Gabriel Burns
Guitar: Liam McCabe
Bass: Jack Zondlo
Drums: Ryan Veith

Monday Nov. 15th
Steves Combo: Directed by Lynn Seaton
Voice: Ipshita Roy
Trumpet: Richard Cruz
Trombone: Kyle Mcgee
Strings: Lexi Alexander
Guitar: Ian Zinecker
Bass: Ian Votaw
Drums: Theodore Cook
Banter Combo: Directed by Pete Clagett
Voice: Olivia Briley
Tenor Saxophone: Giant Boykin
Trumpet: Vincent Nutlie
Trumpet: Bryant Johnson
Strings: Alexa Skillicorn
Guitar: Ulyssess DeLeon
Bass: Natalia San Lee Salazar
Drums: Devin Kazmierczack

Monday Nov. 22nd at 8pm
Harvest Combo: Directed by Pete Clagett
Tenor Saxophone: George Willis
Trumpet: Brandon Conley
Trumpet: Cody Saucier
Strings: Noah Leiva
Guitar: Alex Stigleman
Guitar: Ethan Hope
Bass: Brandon Nie
Drums: Alexander Pevehouse
Benny's Combo: Directed by Paul Metzger
Voice: Jihun Kim
Tenor Saxophone: Javier Vasquez
Trumpet: Ben Gerkins
Trumpet: Benjamin Birchfield
Strings: Joseph Reding
Guitar: Lane White
Bass: Adam Abrams
Drums: Kohei Sakai

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