Faculty Handbook

Download Faculty Handbook 2019-2020 - updated March 15th


Section 1
Introduction to the Faculty Handbook

Section 2
University Governance

Section 3
College of Music Structure and Governance

Section 4
Faculty Personnel Policies

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Guidelines by Division

Faculty Merit Evaluations and Merit Standards by Division

Section 5
Teaching Assignments and Responsibilities

Section 6
Faculty Professional Development

Section 7
Admissions, Scholarships, and Academic Advising

Section 8
Teaching—Administrative Procedures

Section 9
Assistance for Faculty, Staff, and Their Family Members

Section 10
College of Music and University Scheduling and Facilities

Section 11
Recording Services and Instrument Repair/ Rental for Faculty and Students

Section 12
Publicity, Marketing, and Outreach

Section 13
Other Important Information

Section 14