Faculty and Staff

Our faculty of outstanding and internationally recognized performers, composers, scholars and researchers is dedicated to providing our diverse student body with a rich musical environment and an excellent education through private lessons, large and small ensembles, and highly interactive classes.

Our more than 150 faculty members include winners of the Grammy Award, the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and soloists with world-renowned opera companies and symphony orchestras.


Gideon F. Alorwoyie

Professor of Percussion
Director of the African Percussion Ensemble

José M. Aponte

Principal Lecturer of Drum Set and Latin Percussion
Director of the Afro-Cuban Ensemble
Director of the Brazilian Ensemble
Director of the Latin Jazz Lab Band

Tony Baker

Professor of Trombone

Ania Bard-Schwarz

Adjunct Instructor of Violin

Steve Barnes

Adjunct Professor of Jazz Percussion

Jeff Bradetich

Regents Professor of Double Bass

Julia Bushkova

Professor of Violin

David Childs

Professor of Euphonium
Co-Director of the UNT Brass Band

Mary Karen Clardy

Regents Professor of Flute

Daryl Coad

Principal Lecturer in Clarinet

Justin Cooper

Instrument Technician for Brass

Jorge Cruz

Adjunct Professor

Christopher Deane

Professor of Percussion
Director of UNT Percussion Players Ensemble

Susan Dubois

Coordinator of Strings
Regents Professor of Viola and Chamber Music

Deborah Fabian

Principal Lecturer of Clarinet

Felip Fenrych

Adjunct Instructor of Violin Excerpts

Mark Ford

Coordinator of Percussion
Regents Professor of Percussion

Daphne Gerling

Senior Lecturer in Viola

Matthew Good

Adjunct Instructor of Tuba

Adam Gordon

Senior Lecturer of Trumpet and Baroque Trumpet

Jaymee Haefner

Assistant Professor of Harp

Stockton Helbing

Adjunct Professor of Drumset

John Holt

Professor of Trumpet

Caleb Hudson

Assistant Professor of Trumpet
Interim Director of the Center for Chamber Music Studies

Grant Jameson

Adjunct Instructor - Euphonium

Thomas Johnson

Assistant Professor of Guitar

Eunice Keem

Adjunt Instructor of Violin

Lee Lattimore

Adjunct Professor
Baroque Flute

Philip Lewis

Professor of Violin

Donald Little

Regents Professor of Tuba

Kimberly Cole Luevano

Coordinator of Woodwinds
Professor of Clarinet

Natalie Mannix

Interim Chair, Division of Instrumental Studies
Associate Professor of Trombone

Elizabeth McNutt

Director of Nova New Music Ensemble
Principal Lecturer - Flute

Steven Menard

Assistant Professor of Trombone

Stacie Mickens

Associate Professor of Horn

Kathryn Montoya

Baroque Oboe and Recorder
Adjunct Professor

Eric Nestler

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Saxophone

Felix Olschofka

Director of Graduate Studies
Professor of Violin

Eugene Osadchy

Professor of Cello

Phillip O. Paglialonga

Associate Professor of Clarinet

Poovalur Sriji

Adjunct Faculty, Performance

Greg Raden

Adjunct Professor

Gudrun Raschen

Lecturer of Double Bass

Paul Rennick

Assistant Professor of Percussion

Sandi Rennick

Adjunct Faculty - Percussion

Kathleen Reynolds

Associate Professor of Bassoon

Terence Reynolds

Adjunct Professor of Chamber Music

Cynthia Roberts

Principal Lecturer in Baroque Violin

Nikola Ružević

Coordinator of Chamber Music
Associate Professor of Cello

James Ryon

Professor of Oboe

Raquel Samayoa

Assistant Professor of Trumpet
Co-Director of the UNT Brass Band

James Scott

Dean Emeritus
Adjunct Professor of Flute

Ed Smith

Adjunct Professor of Vibraphone
Director of the Bwana Kumala Gamelan Ensemble

Terri Sundberg

Professor of Flute

Terra Warger

Adjunct Instructor - Strings

Allen Whear

Baroque Cello / Viola Da Gamba
Adjunct Professor

Natalie Young

Adjunct Instructor, Horn

Justin Cooper

Instrument Technician for Brass

Christine Hill

Administrative Assistant for Instrumental Studies