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Matt Hellman operates as the Graphic Design Specialist for the College of Music at the University of North Texas, a role he has maintained since Fall 2021. Previously, Matt spent five years as an award-winning print media designer for a central Texas news company, Granite Media Partners. Prior to that, Matt served as Assistant Director of Photography and Archival Manager for the Columbia Missourian while pursuing his graduate degree.

In his spare time, Matt pursues his original creative passion for photography by serving as stage manager, photographer and web coordinator for Solar Rain, a central Texas fire performance collective that performs lead acts at two renaissance festivals. He also photographs for various other performance groups, music artists and large-scale business entities in the state.

Matt holds a bachelor of arts degree in journalism, public relations and new media from Baylor University with a minor in studio art, and a master of journalism degree in visual communications and management from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Throughout his collegiate career, Matt has received more than 75 state and national awards in both design and photography.