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D.M.A. Conducting

The admission process for conducting applicants will consist of two stages. The materials outlined below are to be submitted by the first Monday in December to the College of Music, Office of Admissions/Auditions.

Admission requirements:

  • Apply for admission to UNT through the Toulouse Graduate School (tsgs.unt.edu)
  • Apply for admission to the College of Music through the online application for admission, audition, scholarship, fellowship and assistantships
  • Submit the following materials through the music application:
      • Resume providing complete information concerning the musical training and experience of the applicant
      • Lists representing the following: works the applicant has studied; works the applicant is prepared to conduct; and, works the applicant has previously conducted
      • Face-to-the-camera, high-quality video recording of the applicant conducting; include if possible excerpts from both a rehearsal and a performance
      • A written analysis of a movement from a major tonal work on the applicant's repertoire list
      • Statement of career objectives
      • Three letters of recommendation
  • Evaluation of transcripts from previous degree(s): N.B. Please DO NOT send transcripts to the College of Music. They are part of your application to UNT’s Toulouse Graduate School. After Toulouse evaluates your documents, they will forward copies to the College of Music for review. Your transcripts will be evaluated for coursework deficiencies and notification of required courses will be sent by the Graduate Studies Office after you receive notice of your admission.
  • A graduate admissions test is required as part of your admission to the university. For Performance majors, this requirement can be fulfilled by an acceptable GRE analytical writing score, or an in-house Graduate Writing Exam.
  • The in-house Graduate Writing Exam is administered during orientation week, along with the GPE. The writing exam must reflect the candidate's ability to write cohesively. It must be in English approximately 600-1000 words in length. Evaluators will review the exam for command of the English language, the ability to present an argument in a cogent manner, and evidence of critical thinking.
  • Attend all orientation sessions scheduled by the director of graduate studies in music
  • Take the Graduate Placement Examinations (GPE) given by the College of Music during new student orientation - held the week before classes begin

The audition/interview process:

  • Following review of applications, selected choral studies and orchestral studies conducting applicants will be invited to campus for an audition and interview at their own expense. A limited number of applicants in the wind studies area will be invited to attend the North Texas Conductors Collegium in the summer as an auditionee, also at their own expense.
  • It should be understood that no applied music courses count toward degree requirements until the applicant has passed the admission audition.
  • In the audition and interview, those conducting applicants who demonstrate the attainment of a requisite level of technical skill, musicianship, and knowledge of basic repertoire will be considered for admission into the program.
  • Applicants must contact individual areas of specialization (i.e., choral studiesorchestral studieswind studies), to obtain more detailed admission and audition requirements.