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University of North Texas Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of North Texas is a comprehensive university that offers many scholarships to help you finance your education, and academic awards can be a very important part of your financial plan.  Many of our prospective and current students compete for academic scholarships, which are awarded on merit and on a first-come, first-served basis to students enrolling in the fall term. We recommend you apply to UNT and the College of Music as early as possible and that you review the information about university funded scholarships and the other types of aid provided by UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, especially those awards available through the General Scholarship Application.  The College of Music encourages all current music students and prospective music students to complete the General Scholarship application prior to March 1 annually.

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree, cost does not have to be a barrier to your success. After reviewing the information above, also visit the Toulouse Graduate School for information about a variety of resources available to graduate students.

There are also other sources of scholarship aid at UNT that are available to all students.  UNT International annually administers a number of scholarships that are available to both domestic and international students. The UNT Office of Outreach administers the Multicultural Scholastic Award Program (MSA), a scholarship and student retention initiative targeting academically talented students from diverse backgrounds, and the UNT Division of Equity and Diversity sponsors award competitions annually that are open to all students.


College of Music Scholarships

The College of Music awards competitive music scholarships based on talent and professional promise. When you apply for admission to the College, your application and audition also serves as the application for music scholarships. If you are an out-of-state student and you are awarded a competitive scholarship of $1,000 or more during the fall (or fall plus spring), you are able to attend UNT at the resident tuition rate for that academic year - including the summer term.  This is true for both music awards and the academic awards mentioned above.

Music scholarship recipients and the amount of awards are determined by faculty committees established from within the appropriate areas. Program needs are also considered in determining scholarship awards. Assuming all scholarship obligations are met each year, scholarships may be held for up to a total of four years for undergraduate study, two years for master’s level study, two years for the completion of a graduate artist certificate, or three years for doctoral study. Of course, award renewal is subject to the availability of funding.  The college currently distributes over $900,000 in music scholarships to students each year.

If you receive a performance scholarship, you are required to participate in appropriate performing ensembles each long semester, and must agree to accept assignment by the College of Music in no more than two performance laboratory ensembles each semester. If you receive a non-performance music scholarship, you are required to enroll in appropriate courses as determined by your area. All scholarship recipients must enroll full-time and meet minimum grade point average requirements. Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in music courses, 2.5 overall. Graduate students must a minimum 3.5 GPA.


Music Award Opportunities

There are over 200 separate scholarship opportunities administered by the College of Music that provide funding to music students.  With the exception of six awards*, application materials beyond the admission/renewal application are not required. In accordance with university policy and state law, a complete listing of those awards follows.

*Presser Foundation Graduate Scholarship, Presser Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship, Anna Harriet Heyer Scholarship, Pi Kappa Lambda Scholarship, Margot Winspear Opera Scholarship, Clyde Miller French Horn Scholarship.  Awards announced each spring. Requires faculty nomination and application packet or separate audition.

Scholarship Listing

Scholarship Namesort descending Area
"…And the Music Had Wings Fund" Scholarship College of Music
A Capella Choir Scholarship Choral
A. Baron III and Darlene G. Cass Jazz Percussion Scholarship Jazz-percussion
A. L. Putnam Piano Scholarship Piano
Adams-Nordstrom Family Early Music Scholarship Early Music
Adele Marcus Memorial Piano Scholarship Piano
Adkins String Scholarship Strings
Adkins-Dickinson String Scholarship Early Music
Adolfo Odnoposoff Memorial Cello Scholarship Strings
Agnes Palmer Thompson Memorial Piano Scholarship Piano
Alice Koons Memorial Horn Scholarship Horn
Anna Harriet Heyer Scholarship Librarian
Anna Louise Robertson Estes Memorial Organ Scholarship Organ
Annette & Charles Guy Hall Memorial Music Scholarship College of Music
Anshel Brusilow Scholarship in Orchestral Studies Orchestra
Art Glass Opera Scholarship Opera
Avedis Zildjian Co. Percussion Scholarship Percussion
Avon Gillespie Music Education Scholarship Music Education
Bailey Mahlmann Wind Studies Scholarship Wind Conducting
Becky and Vince King Music Scholarship College of Music
Becky King Music Success Scholarship College of Music
Becky King Study Abroad Scholarship College of Music
Ben E. Keith Foundation Music Scholarship College of Music
Bethany Lauren Davis Memorial Scholarship College of Music
Bill and Barbara Connally Blankenship Voice Scholarship Voice
Bill and Virginia Beasley Early Music Vocal Memorial Scholarship Early Music
Bill Collins Sr. Scholarship in Jazz Trumpet Jazz-trumpet
Bill Stapleton Jazz Arranging Scholarship Jazz-arranging
Bob and Helen Morgan Jazz Scholarship Jazz
Bob Rober Jazz Studies Scholarship Jazz
Bobbie Cole Swaim Music Scholarship Piano
Bobby Cox Memorial Scholarship in Musicology Music History
Bobby Kahn Steel Drum Scholarship Percussion
Brian Houck Memorial Guitar Scholarship Guitar
Bridenthal Memorial Choir Scholarship Choral
Bridenthal Memorial Piano Scholarship Piano
Brock String Merit Scholarship Strings
C.C. Collie Music Scholarship College of Music
Cambiata Institute for Middle School Choral Music Scholarship Music Education
Cecelia Cunningham Box Scholarship College of Music
Celia Berwin Memorial Foundation Scholarship MHTE
Chadwick Family Memorial Scholarship College of Music
Charles F. Paul Memorial Piano Scholarship Piano
Charles Veazey Oboe Scholarship Oboe
Charn Uswachoke Music Scholarship College of Music
Chris Xeros Scholarship Strings
Church Organ Associates, Inc. Organ Scholarship Organ
Clyde Miller French Horn Scholarship Horn
College of Music Composition Scholarship Composition
College of Music Endowed Scholarship College of Music
College of Music Scholarship College of Music
Collegium Musicum Scholarship Early Music
COM Staff Members Scholarship College of Music
Community Support Council Music Scholarship College of Music
Dale Peters Organ Scholarship Organ
Dan Stambaugh Memorial Scholarship Jazz
David A. Tedesco and Sarah Nelson Tedesco Endowed Scholarship in Music Theory, Jazz, Voice College of Music
David C. and Katherine Isley McGuire Graduate Music Education Scholarship Music Education
David Catney Memorial Jazz Scholarship Jazz-guitar
David L. Kuehn Tuba Scholarship Tuba
David L. Shrader Opera Scholarship Opera
David M. Schimmel Memorial Composition Scholarship Composition
Dean Hamilton Memorial Opera Scholarship Opera
Dean's Camerata Scholarship College of Music
Deborah Johnson Miller Memorial Scholarship Voice
Don and Dory Jacoby Jazz Trumpet Scholarship Jazz-trumpet
Don Grolnick Memorial Jazz Scholarship Jazz
Don Thomas Lead Trumpet Scholarship Jazz-trumpet
Donald E. Waugh Memorial Music Scholarship College of Music
Dora Lee Langdon Jazz Singers Scholarship Jazz-vocal
Dr TJ and L Walz Memorial Piano Scholarship Piano
Dr. Patricia Evans Voice Scholarship Voice
Dr. Paul Gregory Bonneau Memorial Composition Scholarship Composition
Drumline Scholarship Percussion
E.L. and Anita Crader Memorial Scholarship Voice
Early Childhood Music Education Scholarship Music Education
Eastman Piano and Organ Scholarship for American Students Piano
Eastman Piano Scholarship for International Students Piano
Ed and Julia Hodges Memorial Scholarship College of Music
Ed and Kay Moorehead Opera Scholarship Opera
Edward Allan Baird Voice Scholarship Voice
Edward J. Soph Memorial Drumset Scholarship Jazz-percussion
Edward Rainbow Bass Scholarship Strings
Elida Tamez Endowed Choral Scholarship College of Music
Ethan Atkinson Jazz Guitar Scholarship Jazz-guitar
Ethelston and LaMarr Chapman Memorial Graduate Theory Scholarship Music Theory
Ethnomusicology Area Scholarship Ethnomusicology
Eugene Conley Memorial Voice Scholarship Voice
Eulan V. Brooks Memorial Music Scholarship Music History
Euline and Horace Brock Merit Scholarship College of Music
Evelyn D. Messmore Music Education Scholarship Music Education
Everett Gilmore Tuba Scholarship Tuba
Excellence in Music Scholarship College of Music
Florence Lewis Davis Music Scholarship College of Music
Floyd Graham Memorial Scholarship Jazz
Frank D. Mainous Memorial Orchestral Scholarship Orchestra
Frank McKinley Choral Scholarship Choral
Frank McKinley Voice Scholarship Voice
Fred and Patsy Patterson Orchestra Scholarship Strings
Fred and Patsy Patterson String and Voice Scholarship College of Music
Fred Crane Memorial Jazz Piano Scholarship Jazz-piano
French Horn Scholarship Horn
Friends of the Symphony Scholarship Orchestra
Fulmer-Davidson Organ Scholarship Organ
Fund for Trombone Scholarship Trombone
Fund for Tuba Scholarship Tuba
George and Sandy Papich Chamber Scholarship Chamber Music
George H. Springer Memorial Music Education Scholarship Music Education
George Morey Memorial Flute Scholarship Flute
Gerald and Vinette Boyce Finerman Opera Scholarship Opera
Grace Evelyn Woods Music Scholarship College of Music
Hard Rock Café "Battle of the Bands" Scholarship Music Education
Harold Heiberg Scholarship Voice
Harriett and Jay Armstrong Memorial Scholarship Music Education
Helen Hewitt Memorial Organ Scholarship Organ
Hispanic Friends Promusica Scholarship College of Music
J. Charles Groom Memorial Voice Scholarship Voice
Jack Roberts Memorial Opera Scholarship Opera
Jack Rumbley Percussion Scholarship Percussion
James and Elizabeth Scott Music Scholarship College of Music
James H. Thompson Organ Scholarship Organ
James Weldon Thomas Jazz Studies Scholarship Jazz
Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Scholarship Jazz
Jay Saunders Jazz Scholarship Jazz
Jazz Leadership Scholarship in Honor of Neil Slater and Jim Riggs Jazz
Jazz Leadership Scholarship in Honor of Paris Rutherford Jazz-vocal
Jazz Studies General Fund Scholarship Jazz
Jean Harris Mainous Piano Scholarship Piano
Jeannie Tillman Music Education Scholarship Music Education
Jerome Patterson Memorial Scholarship College of Music
Jim Riggs Jazz Saxophone Scholarship Jazz-saxophone
Joán C. Groom Music Scholarship College of Music
Joe and Betty Roy Music Scholarship College of Music
John A. & Anne Filipowicz Narsutis Jazz Lab Band Scholarship Jazz
John and Bonnie Strauss Jazz Scholarship Jazz
John and Marilyn Haynie Trumpet Scholarship Trumpet
John and Priscilla Holt Orchestra Scholarship Orchestra
John Giordano Conducting Scholarship Orchestral Conducting
John Holt Memorial Scholarship Jazz-saxophone
John J. Haynie Classical Trumpet Scholarship Trumpet
John J. Haynie Trumpet Scholarship Trumpet
John M. Haerle Memorial Scholarship Jazz-piano
John Park Memorial Jazz Saxophone Scholarship Jazz-saxophone
Jon Kellis Memorial Scholarship Percussion
Joyce Howard Bradley Choral Scholarship Choral
Juanita Teal Peters Scholarship in Voice Voice
Julia Smith Memorial Scholarship Opera
Justice Records Stan Kenton Scholarship Jazz
Justine Boozman Beattie Music Scholarship for Piano and Organ Piano
Korean Music Student Association Scholarship College of Music
Kris Kolflat Memorial Jazz Guitar Scholarship Jazz-guitar
Larry Austin Music Composition Scholarship Composition
Larry Roark Memorial Euphonium Scholarships Euphonium
Larry Walz Piano Scholarship Piano
Lee Gibson Clarinet Scholarship Clarinet
Leon and Dora Brusilow Scholarship Orchestra
Leon Breeden Music Scholarship Jazz
Leon Breeden Scholarship in Jazz Trumpet Jazz-trumpet
Leon F. Brown Trombone Scholarship Trombone
Leonard Candelaria Trumpet Scholarship Trumpet
Lucille G. Murchison Music Scholarship College of Music
Lucinda Bell Adams Memorial Scholarship Strings
Lupe Murchison Foundation Fellowship in Chamber Music Chamber Music
M. E. "Gene" Hall Jazz Scholarship Jazz
Marceau C. Myers Memorial Scholarship College of Music
Marceau C. Myers String Scholarship Strings
Marcella and Henry Huberman Memorial Piano Scholarship Piano
Margaret Howell Memorial Scholarship College of Music
Margaret Hudnall Music Education Scholarship Music Education
Margaret Marion Grubb Memorial Piano Scholarship Piano
Margo and Bill Winspear Opera Chair Scholarship Opera
Margot Winspear Opera Scholarship Opera
Marie Madeleine Duruflé Memorial Scholarship Organ
Marjorie Wilson Organ Scholarship Organ
Martha and Preston Peak Choral Scholarship Choral
Martin Mailman Memorial Composition Scholarship Composition
Mattie Jo (Payne) Groom Graduate Theory Scholarship Music Theory
Maurice McAdow Memorial Music Scholarship Wind Conducting
Merrill Ellis Memorial Composition Scholarship Composition
Mike Castor Trumpet Scholarship Trumpet
Monteverdi Fund Scholarship Music History
Mu Phi Epsilon of Denton Scholarship College of Music
Mu Phi Epsilon Vocal Scholarship Voice
N. Patricia Yarborough Music Scholarship College of Music
Neil Slater Award for Excellence in Jazz Studies and Academics Jazz
New Horizons Grad Music Ed Scholarship Music Education
Nicholas D. and Anna G. Ricco Excellence in Music Scholarship College of Music
North Texas Harp Ensemble Scholarship Harp
Organ Scholarship Organ
Patricia Lewis Memorial Violin Scholarship Strings
Patrick Stanfill Scholarship for Harp Harp
Patsy C. and Fred W. Patterson College of Music Scholarship College of Music
Paul and Valerie Klipsch Brass Scholarship Trumpet
Paul Guerrero, Jr. Memorial Jazz Studies Scholarship Jazz-percussion
Paul Loomis Music Composition Scholarship Composition
Pauline Slator Music Scholarship College of Music
Peggy Boston Duggan Piano Scholarship Piano
Phil Manning Memorial Jazz Saxophone Scholarship Jazz-saxophone
Phil Schenk and Donna Smith Organ Scholarship Organ
Pi Kappa Lambda Scholarship* College of Music
Piano Scholarship Piano
Pinky Purinton Big Band Memorial Scholarship Jazz-trumpet
Pops Concert Fund Scholarship Orchestra
President's Council Scholarship for Music Students College of Music
Presser Foundation Graduate Scholarship* College of Music
Presser Foundation Undgergraduate Scholarship* College of Music
Rainbow-Froehlich Outreach Music Scholarship College of Music
Ralph and Pauline Bush Endowed Scholarship Music History
Randy Taylor Jazz Arranging Scholarship Jazz-arranging
Red Rodney Memorial Jazz Scholarship Jazz-percussion
Richard and Candace Faulk Young Composers Endowed Scholarship Composition
Richard Dalrymple Memorial Jazz Trumpet Scholarship Jazz-trumpet
Richard Dufallo Memorial Composition Scholarship Composition
Richard Dufallo Memorial Scholarship Orchestral Conducting
RJ Rogers Sinfonian Scholarship College of Music
Robert J. Rogers Piano Scholarship Piano
Robert M. Estes Organ Scholarship Organ
Robert R. Gans Memorial Music Education Scholarship Music Education
Robert R. Miller Memorial Organ Scholarship Organ
Robert W. Ottman Graduate Theory Scholarship Music Theory
Ronnie Lee and Peter Ni Music Scholarship College of Music
Sally Maxwell Sharples Memorial Scholarship Voice
Sandy Sandifer Lab Band Scholarship Jazz
Shelly Manne Memorial Scholarship Jazz-percussion
Silvio and Isabel Scionti Piano Scholarship Piano
Spec's One O'Clock Lab Band Fund Scholarship Jazz
Stark/Scionti Classical Piano Scholarship Piano
Stephen Thomas Farish, Jr. Memorial Voice Scholarship Voice
Sterling Procter Scholarship in Composition Composition
Sunny Van Eaton Memorial Scholarship in Voice/Opera Opera
Symphony Orchestra Scholarship Orchestra
Teaching Excellence Scholarship Music Education
Teddy and Barbara Coe Opera Scholarship Opera
Tehan-Mennemeyer String Scholarship Strings
The George and Nesha Morey Choral Music Education Scholarship Music Education
The Lupe Murchison Foundation Fellowship in Music Scholarship College of Music
Theron Palmer, Sr. Classical Guitar Scholarship Guitar
Topsy Wright Memorial Music Scholarship College of Music
Town of Addison Jazz Scholarship Jazz
University Scholarship for Music Students College of Music
UNT Choral Organizations Scholarship Choral Conducting
UNT Summer Drumset Workshop Jazz Scholarship Jazz-percussion
Utter Music Scholarship College of Music
Valerie Dean Westheimer Graduate Fellowship in Music College of Music
Valerie Dean Westheimer Scholarship in Music College of Music
Viardo Fellow Scholarship Piano
Vivian S. Spohn Music Scholarship College of Music
Voertman-Ardoin Scholarship in Music College of Music
Voice Scholarship Voice
W. S. Elliott Bassoon Scholarship Bassoon
W. Ted Elrod Memorial Guitar Scholarship Guitar
Walter Abbey Music Scholarship Strings
Walter and Elaine Hodgson Memorial Scholarship College of Music
Warren "Baby" Dodds UNT Summer Drumset Workshop Scholarship Jazz-percussion
Weldon Minnick Memorial Orchestral Scholarship Orchestra
Wells Fargo Music Scholarship College of Music
Wilfred Bain Scholarship College of Music
William C. and Loretta Kason Memorial Drumset Scholarship Jazz-percussion
William Gammon Henry, Jr. Scholarship for Piano Piano
Wind and Percussion Scholarship College of Music
Winspear Music Scholarship Strings
Yamaha Percussion Scholarship Percussion
Yamaha Wind Scholarship College of Music