Two Twos

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Two Twos

Two years of the Two O’Clock Lab Band

So, is this too much Two? Well, …probably. But by the same token, sometimes you can never get too much of a good thing! We didn’t package it this way because we almost always record more than we release - the idea here was to just save money. There is no question in my mind that each of these two bands deserved its own individual CD. At least now both CDs are finally released!

Chances are that you won’t listen to the whole double CD at the same time – but I guarantee that if you have a multi-hour car or plane trip, you will enjoy listening to these marvelous musicians play all these varieties of modern big band writing.

The unwritten mantra of the Two O’Clock has been to prepare these great players for all the different styles of large ensemble playing that they are very likely to encounter when they leave here. These CDs have charts from: Maria Schneider’s band, Bill Holman’s band, the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Bob Florence’s Limited Edition, Kim Richmond’s Concert Jazz Band, The U.S. Army Blues, Ray Brown’s Great Big Band, Phil Kelly’s North- and Southwest Prevailing Winds, Lars Jansson’s commissions for various European jazz orchestras, some wonderful new charts sent in by UNT EX’s (Vern Sielert, Dave Richards, Kevin Swaim, Sean Nelson, Craig Fraedrich), a nice gift to the band by Mike Tomaro, an old chart by that forever student, Neil Slater, as well as two charts by current student, Drew Zaremba. There you have it: great raw materials and wonderful performances by some very talented young jazz musicians you will hear again and again many times in the future.
I can guarantee that you will smile (for all the right reasons) many times throughout these two discs. Enjoy our two-year audio yearbook!

(From the liner notes by Jay Saunders)

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Disc 1: 2011 Two O'Clock Lab Band

1. Now (Lars Jansson) 5:48
2. Basic-ally Yours (Thad Jones) 5:50
3. Passages (Kim Richmond) 5:35
4. My Foolish Heart (Washington/Young, arranged by Neil Slater) 6:36
5. Love for Sale (Cole Porter, arranged by Drew Zaremba) 6:47
6. Brief Hesitation (Lars Jansson) 5:17
7. Portuguese Soul (Jimmy Smith, arranged by Thad Jones) 8:18
8. Last Season (Maria Schneider) 8:03

Disc 2: 2012 Two O'Clock Lab Band

1. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise * (Hammerstein/Romberg, arranged by Dave Richards) 7:12
2. Body and Soul * (Eyton/Green/Heyman/Sour, arranged by Richard DeRosa) 6:01
3. Blue Daniel ^ (Frank Rosolino, arranged by Ray Brown) 4:50
4. Like Someone in Love ^ (Van Heusen/Burke, arranged by Vern Sielert) 6:01
5. Kayak ^ (Kenny Wheeler, arranged by Ray Brown) 3:57
6. Night and Day ^ (Cole Porter, arranged by Kevin Swaim) 5:48
7. If You Could See Me Now ^ (Tadd Dameron, arranged by Bill Holman) 5:49
8. What Tenor Battle? ^ (Drew Zaremba) 3:38
9. Every Possible History of the Universe ^ (Sean Nelson) 5:39
10. Save Your Love for Me ^ (Buddy Johnson, arranged by Mike Tomaro) 3:41
11. Shades of Blue ^ (Craig Freadrich) 6:34
12. I 8 Da Whole Half Thing ^ (Phil Kelly) 7:44
13. Earth ^ (Bob Florence) 9:05

Spring, 2011 Two O’Clock Lab Band

Saxes: Justin Pierce, Alex Fraile, Nick Salvucci, J.R. Rocha, Spencer Liszt

Trumpets: Tyler Mire, Jake Boldman, Kevin Swaim, Ally Hany, Li Xiaochuan

Trombones: Carl Lundgren, Austin Short, Julie Gray, Jon Gauer, Craig Flentge

Piano: Sean Giddings
Guitar: Jacob Wise
Bass: Daniel Parr
Drums: Greg Sadler
Percussion: Ben Christensen
Vocals: Kaela Bratcher

Fall, 2011 (*) Two O’Clock Lab Band

Saxes: Devin Eddleman, Drew Zaremba, Ramsey Castaneda, Tito Charneco, Kelsey Pickford

Trumpets: Chad Willis, Andrew Golden, Harrell Petersen, Ally Hany, Preston Haining

Trombones: Carl Lundgren, Seth Weaver, Alex Blue V, Colby Norton, Eric Andress

Piano: Addison Frei
Guitar: Scott Neary
Bass: Brian Ward
Drums: Junho Cha

Spring, 2012 (^) Two O’Clock Lab Band

Saxes: Devin Eddleman, Steve Friel, Ramsey Castaneda, Chris Reardon, Kelsey Pickford

Trumpets: Chad Willis, Andrew Golden, Harrell Petersen, Ally Hany, Preston Haining

Trombones: Carl Lundgren, Adam Jensen, Seth Weaver, Nathan Hervey, Eric Andress

Piano: Addison Frei
Guitar: Evan Oxenhandler
Bass: Young Heo
Drums: Matt Young
Percussion: Anthony Corsaro
Vocals: Ashleigh Elizabeth Smith, Seth Weaver

Recorded May 7-8, 2011; Dec 11, 2011; May 5-6, 2012 at Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, TX
Production Disc 1: Two O’Clock Lab Band, One O’Clock Lab Band
Disc 2: Two O’Clock Lab Band, The Collins-Binkley Foundation and Jay Saunders
Recording engineer: Kent Stump
Mixed by: Jay Saunders and Kent Stump
Mastered by: Nolan Brett
Cover art: Dustin Mollick
Proofreading: Linda Strube
Additional art work and layout: Bradley Haefner
Lab Band Manager: Craig Marshall
Jazz Studies Administrative Assistant: 2010-2011 – Darla Mayes; 2011-2012 - Julie Bice