Stamm/Soph Project: Live at Birdland

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This second outing of The Stamm/Soph Project showcases the working quartet of trumpeter Marvin Stamm along with UNT Faculty member Ed Soph. This CD features long-time band-mates Bill Mays (piano) and Rufus Reid (bass) with special guest guitarist John Abercrombie. Among the tracks are originals by Stamm, Mays, and Reid as well as one each by saxophonist Ted Nash and pianist Lars Jansson.

  1. Svensson (Lars Jansson)
  2. Samba du Nancy (Marvin Stamm)
  3. In Her Arms (Bill Mays)
  4. Waltz for Mia (Ted Nash)
  5. Two as One (Marvin Stamm)
  6. When She Smiles Upon Your Face (Rufus Reid)
  7. Gemma’s Eyes (Bill Mays)
  8. The Meddler (Rufus Reid)

  9. Marvin Stamm, trumpet and flugelhorn
    Ed Soph, drums
    Bill Mays, piano
    Rufus Reid, bass
    John Abercrombie, guitar

    Recorded September 11 and 13, 2003, Birdland (New York)
    Producer: Marvin Stamm
    Engineer: Jim Anderson
    Mastering: Alan Silverman
    Graphic Design: Stuart Alden

    Proceeds benefit UNT Jazz Studies