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Our Mission

Mission Statement of the UNT College of Music

To provide a dynamic, diverse, and comprehensive learning environment for both future professionals and the broader university community in which each student’s fullest musical potential may be achieved.

To promote the highest standards of excellence and to generate the most significant professional impact in all areas of scholarly and artistic activity.

To cultivate new music, interdisciplinary collaborations, and new approaches to scholarship, performance, and education.

To affirm the fundamental value of music in educational settings and in society at large, going beyond advocacy to enhance the musical life of the broader community, from local to international.

Vision Statement of the UNT College of Music

The College of Music will have an enhanced reputation nationally and internationally, based on recognition of the comprehensiveness, diversity, and quality of the full span of its programs. Students and faculty will develop, have access to, and engage in the latest technological and pedagogical innovations in the field of music in an environment that retains and strengthens the values of musical artistry and humanistic scholarship.

We will find new ways to engage with and transform the musical and intellectual life of the broader community through our performances and other activities. We will foster an educational environment characterized by a diverse student and faculty profile, and by musical and academic experiences that resonate with a broad spectrum of historical, cultural, and stylistic perspectives. Our students, faculty, and staff will work in an environment known for its attention to the preservation of professional health.