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Denton New Horizons Band

Denton Horizons Senior Band - UNT College of MusicDenton citizens of all ages love music, so it’s not surprising that the community has embraced the New Horizons Band program.

Every semester, music education students from the University of North Texas teach small group or large ensemble sectionals with the band in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Start Up The Band

For some Denton families, the financial challenges of involving a child in band—renting a musical instrument, purchasing music and supplies, and paying a private teacher—are insurmountable. The College of Music is working to even the playing field by helping low-income students get a successful start in music through the Start Up the Band program.

Instrument Petting Zoo

Instrument Petting Zoo - University of North Texas College of MusicEach fall, the UNT Music Building fills with the sound of more than 200 elementary children tooting, squeaking and laughing as they try out musical instruments for the first time at a very different kind of petting zoo – one that doesn’t feature animals, but includes drums, flutes, horns, violins and other orchestral instruments. 


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