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Music Scholarships for Continuing Students

  • Current piano and string students who are not on scholarship must apply (and audition in January) for scholarship consideration using the on-line system at http://music.unt.edu/application/student/login. This should be done prior to the semester break to ensure an audition slot. Current students do not need to complete the entire application. Stop once you have selected the January audition day and send an email to< a href="mailto:becky.hughes@unt.edu">becky.hughes@unt.edu stating that you have applied to play a scholarship audition only.
  • All other current students must apply for scholarship and/or scholarship renewal using the on-line system in FEBRUARY of each year at http://music.unt.edu/application/student/login and ask their private lesson teacher about additional requirements beyond the application, i.e. audition, audition recording (emailed directly to your teacher), etc.
  • Current students applying to renew their scholarship, or applying for scholarship, will select "scholarship renewal only" in the audition date section of the application. Current students do not need to complete the entire application. Stop once you have selected "scholarship renewal only”. Then, send an email to becky.hughes@unt.edu stating that you have applied for scholarship only.
  • Nicholas and Anna Ricco Ethics Awards Scholarship Competition 2014

TA/TF Applications

Teaching Assistantship and Fellowship RENEWALS and NEW APPLICATIONS must be submitted through the admissions application.

When selecting an audition date, select the “No Audition - TA/TF Application ONLY” option. Current students do not need to complete the entire application.

You should inform your department that you have made a TA/TF application, and check with your department to see if any other materials are necessary for your application (letters of reference, curriculum vitae, etc.).

Once you have completed the required sections, send an email to jamie.maxwell@unt.edu, including your student ID#, stating that you have applied to renew your assistantship/fellowship.

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