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Instrument Petting Zoo

Instrument Petting Zoo - University of North Texas College of MusicEach fall, the UNT Music Building fills with the sound of more than 200 elementary children tooting, squeaking and laughing as they try out musical instruments for the first time at a very different kind of petting zoo – one that doesn’t feature animals, but includes drums, flutes, horns, violins and other orchestral instruments. 

After being inspired by an opening concert of music by top UNT ensemble, the Instrument Petting Zoo gives kids the chance to try woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments under the guidance of UNT music education students.

Music education professor Don Taylor established the Instrument Petting Zoo in 2006 and has led its growth into a program involving numerous university and community groups.


It’s really amazing—sometimes a child will pick up an instrument they didn’t know existed and just sound like a natural on it.

Dr. Don Taylor, music education professor